Could Simon Kirby, Charlotte Vere and Mike Weatherley clarify their position on Gay rights and will they condemn the comments of Chris Grayling?

Woke up to find a wonderful story in today’s Observer that Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has got his knickers in a twist over Gay rights.  This is bound to play well in Brighton and should damage the campaigns of the three Tory candidates in Brighton and Hove, Simon Kirby, Charlotte Vere and Mike Weatherley.

Chris Grayling himself has a positive record on gay rights, but this latest gaff, reported in this morning’s Observer, will be the first of many by the Tories as they desparately scramble for votes by trying to be all things to all parties.

Perhaps Simon Kirby, Charlotte Vere and Mike Weatherley could clarify their position on Gay rights.

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  1. I will, absolutely. I am appalled and shocked by his comments. I look forward to his unconditional apology.

    Best wishes,

    Charlotte Vere

  2. It makes me wonder how many other members of the Shadow Cabinet harbour similar opinions towards LGBT people.

    Apologies is one thing, but we now need honesty from frontbench Tories. Should LGBT people trust the Tories with their vote? I certainly think they can’t.

  3. The Shadow Cabinet and indeed the Conservative Party as a whole is not a hot bed of anti-gay feeling. The problem Chris Grayling has is that he prioritised the rights of people of faith to turn away gay couples over the rights of gay couples to find paid for accommodation where they chose – even though he voted against any discrimination in the House of Commons.

    He shouldn’t have made the comment he did but I fear the media will make a bigger issue of it than is strictly warranted.

    Kind regards,

    Charlotte Vere

    • Hi, sorry, but don’t get you?

      You say, “He shouldn’t have made the comment he did but I fear the media will make a bigger issue of it than is strictly warranted.”

      Sorry, if the Conservative shadow home secretary is recorded as making statements favouring religious discrimination in hotel services against lesbian and gay couples, it IS a big deal.

      And the media should make a big deal of it.

      The fact is LGBT people can’t trust the Tories to defend their rights and equality before the law, whatever nice words you and other local Tories might offer.

      Chris Grayling would be Home Sec – not you.

      It is right and needed that the media and other parties should make a big deal out front bench Tory views whether gaffes or otherwise.

      To say otherwise suggests you are very out of touch.

  4. No the party ‘as a whole’ isn’t. But a large section of it still is.

    Even the new ‘modern’ face of the conservatives can’y get it right, see David Camerons recent Gay Times Inetrview:

    Yes the party has made efforts to change, but its still one of the least gay friendly partys there are (UKIP etc excluded!). Many of those who created Section 28 are still paid up members, it will take decades for the homophobia to work its way out the party if at all.

  5. Good to see the mask of political correctness & compassion that the Tories have been trying to wear starting to slip & their true nature revealed.
    Watching Cameron bluster & stammer his way through that interview with Gay Times a few weeks before the latest anti-gay slur from one of the leading members of the Con Party shows that the Tories are, and always were, the party that stands for homophobia.

    The PPC for B-Pav, continually declares that the Tories have changed – that who the party WERE doesn’t matter – I’d say to that., those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it… and no, I don’t want to go back to the bad old days of Section 28.

    A vote for the Tory party is still a vote against equality. Let’s not have goldfish memories when it comes to the next election…

  6. Nothing said by the Tories can surprise me after Councillor David Smith’s reply when I asked a Public Question about music libraries. His reply was that he wished this were two hundred years ago so that he could challenge me to a duel instead and, what’s more, that he would win it.

    People are shocked when I mention this to them.

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