Could Simon Kirby, Charlotte Vere and Mike Weatherley clarify their position on Gay rights and will they condemn the comments of Chris Grayling?

Woke up to find a wonderful story in today’s Observer that Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling has got his knickers in a twist over Gay rights.  This is bound to play well in Brighton and should damage the campaigns of the three Tory candidates in Brighton and Hove, Simon Kirby, Charlotte Vere and Mike Weatherley.

Chris Grayling himself has a positive record on gay rights, but this latest gaff, reported in this morning’s Observer, will be the first of many by the Tories as they desparately scramble for votes by trying to be all things to all parties.

Perhaps Simon Kirby, Charlotte Vere and Mike Weatherley could clarify their position on Gay rights.

Let the phoney war end

The election casmpaigns in Brighton Pavilion, Brighton Kemptown and Hove feel a bit of a phoney war.  The vrious candidates are buzzing around like busy bees, but aren’t yet saying “vote for me, I am wonderful” or words to that effect.

We have seen big names coming to Brighton – David Milliband for Labour, Chris Grayling for the Conservatives, and for the Lib Dems , err, umm, nobody – a sign of the priority they are giving to the City.

The Greens, of course, don’t need to bring down their big guns since their biggest gun (surely n inappropriate reference to a party of peace – Ed) is Brighton Pavilion’s own Caroline Lucas.  Her appearances on Question Time and Straight Talk consolidate her reputation as one of the country’s most engaging, open and honest political leaders.

This blog was wrong when it warned that her position as Leader of the Greens would undermine her campaign.  Quite to opposite is true. The mannr by which she conducts herself and how she combines the roles of MEP, party leader and constituency candidate, has removed any doubt that I might have had about her.

The last few days has seen the usual pre-election activity, and all three candidates are aquitting themselves well, although Charlotte Vere seems more obsessed by Caroline Lucas than she is by her own campign!

Just wait for a week or so, once Gordon Brown goes to the Palace (6th April?), you can expect to be knee deep in candidates, canvassers, leaflets, posters, and national politicians.  What joy!  Who knows, you might even see a Lib Dem.