Picture of the BPB

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  1. Well, there it is: the BPB is Simon Fanshawe.

    • Look. These are special people. They run Britain & to suggest they are not fair and equal in what they do, is scurrilous & disrespectful. They have the responsibility for running our class-less society (so said that nice Mr Major) and for upstarts like you to criticism we only serve to put freedom of speech at risk. For they may well close down this naked Marxist propaganda you peddle. Shame on you.
      Mr. Osbourne, Mr. Camaron & Mr. Clegg were all educated in special places. They have all been groomed and developed at Oxbridge where they know their P&Qs. They have rubbed shoulders with the poor and well as the aristocracy so know all about poverty & priviledge. They are astute business people too, as all the Cabinet & know about making money, money, money. For such an impertinent upstart as you that dares to suggest they would ever act in any way other than “fairly” in all they do, you need to wash your mouth out with blue ink; you are nothing but a Marxist troublemaker that distorts truth for your own seditious ends. How dare you ConDem the Alliance who are struggling against impossible odds to save this country from descending in to chaos & anarchy brought about by unruly students who think (wrongly) that starting their working lives & careers with only a debt of £50,000 is unfair. Of course it is. The fact that Mr. Osbourne, Mr, Cameron & Mr Clegg all received good eduction at private expense & University education at public expense simply does not impeded or influence their special ability to be objective, impartial & fair. With rising inflation, mass unemployment, low interest rates etc. £50K is nothing – a trivial cost for what they get. These trouble-makers need to get back to their (slave-) labours at less than minimum wages & be grateful for living in a free society that is free to exploit these ungrateful youngsters.
      Capitalism & fairness rules, OK!

  2. aha. This would be that ex-Regency ward councillor who was deselected there, selected for Brunswick & Adelaide, trounced there in spite of scaring Paul Elgood witless and subsequently bounced into oblivion by the Labour Party…..name not in my head……Warmington, is that a drawing of you?

  3. Labour for Brighton & Hove is a great website. You should add it to your BlogRoll for sure.

  4. Hey mr blogger how can i contact you?

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