Unpublished YouGov poll for the Sun puts Tories just 1 point ahead of Labour

A fascinating poll was conducted by YouGov for the Sun that had the Conservatives just 1 point ahead of Labour.  The poll was taken immediately aftr the Gordon Brown interview with Piers Morgan.  The Sun did not publish the poll, saying that it was never intended for publication!

It must be tough for those who made the call that the Sun was backing the Tories to see the polls narrow so alarmingly (or so pleasingly for others). It won’t be “the Sun wot won it” this time.

The fact that it was never published isn’t a problem.  The importance of the poll is that when the electorate is exposed to the real GB, rather than the smears and lies that is part of its aily diet, our Gordon excels.

This must be a matter of great concern for the Tories.  David ‘Call me Dave’ Cameron is identified as an old Etonian Tory toff.

Labour would be well advised to remember the saying “It’s the economy, Stupid”, but add to it “It’ all about Class”.

A hung parliament continues to look likely.

Why Rio Ferdinand is morally superior to John Terry

Fabio Capello has sacked John Terry as England captain because, so it seems, he has cheated on his England team mate, Wayne Bridge. Fortunately, the new captain, Rio Ferdinand, has a clean record as far as the dressing room is concerned.

It seems not to matter that Fredinand was banned for a year for drink driving, featured in a home made sex video with team mates Kieron Dyer and Frank Lampard, was banned from football for eight months for missing a drugs test (he forgot as he had “gone shopping”, apologised to gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell for calling Chris Moyles a ‘fagot’ on air, and was the organiser of a Manchester United Christmas Party that ended with allegations of rape and sexual harassment against another player (who was later cleared).

But at least he didn’t do the dirty on an England team mate. Rio is the man charged to lead England  in the World Cup and to be a role model for millions of young boys and men.  Women across the nation must be so relieved.