Nancy, Charlotte and Caroline have already made this a great campaign even though Gordon is yet to go to the Palace

As Adam Boulton said on Sky News yesterday, Gordon Brown will today be polishing his shoes ready for a trip to the Palace tomorrow or Wednesday to ask the Queen to dissolve Parliament in order that a General Election may be held.

May 6th is hardly a surprise.  Most pundits have been predicting this for the last year.  It has been a fascinating 12 months as campaigns have been developed, and candidates have come and gone.   Laura Moffatt, the sitting Labour MP in Crawley, announced her retirement at the eleventh hour, leaving the Party in a bit of a pickle, and again has yet to offer any credible explanation as to her actions.

The original Tory candidate in Brighton Pavilion, Dr. David Bull (if I recall his name correctly) resigned with little explanation, having made next to no impression locally.  This allowed the candidature of Charlotte Vere who, by contrast, has taken the constituency by storm, completing a field of three very impressive women candidates, and helping make the campaign in Brighton Pavilion one of the most fascinating in the country.

The Goldsmid by-election last year has given the Greens a platform from which to launch its campaign in neighbouring Brighton Pavilion, and the momentum built up by Caroline Lucas and her team should see her elected as the Green’s first ever MP.  It was this blog called for tactical voting for Alex Phillips in Goldsmid, before anyone else did so.  So too with Brighton Pavilion, it was this blog that some months back called for tactical voting for Caroline Lucas.  It was a tough call (and remains so) since Labour’s Nancy Platts is a first rate candidate and she would almost certainly have won had it not been for the momentum built up by Ms Lucas. 

This blog was wrong in expressing doubts about Caroline Lucas.  She has strengthened her presence and support locally through dedication, charm and enormous competence.  Most constituencies would be fortunate to have either Nancy or Charlotte elected as its MP.  I have few reservations about Nancy other than she is the candidate for the wrong party, at the wrong time and in the wrong constituency.  I hope the Labour Party will recognise the asset they have in her and that she will find herself in parliament in the not too distant future.

While she remains a Tory I could never advocate support for Charlotte, even though I have grown to like her fighting spirit if not always the stands she has taken and her focus on her opponents – she should leave that to lesser individuals such as bloggers.

It is likely that Caroline Lucas will be elected and I predict that she will rapidly become the stand out newcomer to the Commons, and Brighton will have its reputation enhanced by having her as one of its MPs.

I could comment about the campaigns in Brighton Kemptown and in Hove, but they have been so dull and uninspiring that I just won’t bother!

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  1. The way to ensure that we get the magnificent Nancy Platts into parliament is to vote for her at the general election. This is a General Election. Brighton Pavilion is Labour held. The Greens have a massive fight despite their cocky leaflets.

    The Greens are fighting a well funded campaign and have plenty of help. But they don’t have it in the bag despite what Ladbrokes say.

    This is a gonna be a close fight. But the BPB’s city centre view in the from his regency villa is green-tinted. I’ve been out there in Hollingbury, Moulsecoomb, Coldean and it looks a bit different. Dining in Estia isn’t enough.

    • Hi – great to pull the ‘estates’ line.

      Let’s see what happens…

      I guess Moulsecoomb may be a bit different as it (the main estate) lies in Brighton Kemptown constituency, not Pavilion…

      I understand Greens are picking up support in Holling*dean* – an estate which is in the constituency.

      Agree it will be a close race but the magnificent Caroline is ahead, right now.

      BTW, isn’t Estia a fab restaurant?

      Really recommend it if you like a high qual. Greek Cypriot menu like me 😉

      One of the culinary jewels of Brighton.

  2. Brighton Sense,

    Your tearing into Dan Wilson has made my day 🙂

    Not even Labour activists know the constituency. Shows how much they get around it.

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