Doorstep Brighton 2: further reports for week ending 23rd January 2011

Following the first Doorstep Brighton update published yesterday, I have received further reports:

Regency: (I suspect this will be a fantastic campaign).  Both Jason Kitcat and Ania Kitcat have been out door knocking during the week and at the weekend.  They report the same pattern as both 2007, with Greens in first place and the Tories 2nd.  Jason assures me that “no chickens being counted here … will carry on the hard work right to the finish line”.

Hove: I am full of admiration for Lib Dem Mark Collins.  He is one of the few Lib Dems to have raised his head above the parapet.  He says that he doesn’t expect his reports to be taken into account, due to the huge anti-Lib Dem bias on this blog, most of which, he says, is thoroughly entertaining.  He assures me that he will fight my corner as always.  (For the record, this blog has not always had an anti-Lib Dem bias.  I called for tactical voting in favour of the Lib Dems in both Lewes and Eastbourne.  But that was before Nick Clegg and Norman Baker sold out). 

Mark says: “The Lib Dems were out in force in Hove this weekend, as we have been every weekend since at least September (since the General election for some of us). We were getting good returns on all fronts, which is not something any of us ever should learn to expect. We don’t take our votes for granted, and never have done. It is an incredibly tough time to be a Lib Dem. But I feel that is more down to the self flagellation from some of ourselves and the whisperings of the “chattering political classes” as witnessed here. An earlier poster stated correctly “the pavement is better than the barstool” for determining political preference. The reaction I have is predominantly positive. The only person who has bitten my head off on the doorstep was a long time Labour activist. Whilst that is never pleasant, it’s something a party of government has to get used to. We can’t please everyone, nor should we try to. I came into politics to make a difference to people’s lives and improve the community I was brought up in. Not sit in my armchair and shout down every decision I disliked. We’ll be fighting hard to make gains in May. In Brighton and Hove we have recruited more members, both pre and POST Coalition – who are engaged, active and keen to see us succeed. There is no point predicting results yet. The only thing to say is that there is all to play for in the short time until May. We’ll be campaigning to make sure it remains that way until 10pm May 5th!”

Hollingdean and Stanmer: News reaches me that the Tories are fielding Rachel Bates as candidate in H&S.  There can be just one conclusion to be made.  Rachel is personable, very able, hard working, dedicated …. and likely to be nothing more than a paper candidate, meaning that the Tories are concentrating their efforts elsewhere.  Why do I draw this conclusion?  Rachel works for Hove MP Mike Weatherley and is unlikely to do anything outside the Hove constituency, especially in a no-hope area for the Tories such as H&S.

More from H&S.  Luke Walter (Labour candidate) reports that being asked for a ‘Vote Green’ poster this weekend is not the record. A Coldean residents (the heartland of councillor Pat Hawkes) wanted a Green billboard the weekend before.  Christopher Hawtree outdoes even this.  “Somebody in Brunswick asked me for a Green poster in October…”.  Enough, now.

And finally, Clive sounds a warning: “I can see this feature turning into an endless succession of entries reading ‘Out canvassing all day!!! Gr8 response!!!!!’   Perhaps the BPB should offer a small prize for candour in posts, and maybe a slightly bigger prize for anyone who spots a Tory out in daylight.”    Gr8 idea!!!!!    The smaller prize will be a ticket to a lecture by Paul Perrin of UKIP on ‘Democracy and the European Union’.  The slightly bigger prize … 2 tickets.  Boom boom.  (Sorry, normal service will commence soon – BPB).  Once the volume of reporting commences, such ‘reports’ will be rejected and a ‘list of shame’ introduced.

8 Responses

  1. BPB is correct as per usual – I am indeed standing as a candidate in Hollingdean & Stanmer for the Conservatives.

    Where your Spidey senses fail you, however, Mr Blogger, is that you believe me to be a paper candidate. It is true that I work for Mike Weatherley, MP for Hove and Portslade, but this certainly does not mean that I will be in any way neglecting Hollingdean & Stanmer. I have been putting all of my effort in to becoming a councillor in that ward.

    I am extremely dedicated to fighting for what I believe is right for the people of Hollingdean & Stanmer. Myself and my fellow Conservative candidates are 100% dedicated to the ward. I have been actively campaigning there long before I was selected as a candidate.

    The campaign has been going fantastically, and I certainly do believe that the Conservative message is hitting home in H&S. I for one believe that it is not a lost cause for the Conservatives and look forward to seeing three Conservative councillors in H&S on 5th May.

    • @Rachael wrote

      “The campaign has been going fantastically, and I certainly do believe that the Conservative message is hitting home in H&S.”

      Don’t know about Hollingdean and Stanmer, but round these parts, I just got a letter from my public sector employer offering me a pay cut! So yes, I agree that the Conservative message is certainly hitting home…

      @ Rachael also wrote:

      ” I for one believe that it is not a lost cause for the Conservatives and look forward to seeing three Conservative councillors in H&S on 5th May.”

      Yep, that’ll be ‘you for one’ there, Rachael.

  2. Hi BPB,

    Found a typo…

    “More from H&S. Luke Walter (Labour candidate)…”

    I might be a watermelon but definitely waving the Green flag in May.



    (GREEN candidate for Hollingdean and Stanmer)

  3. The air is bracing in Rottingdean at this time of year and the residents are looking forward to sunny, voting weather. The Tory vote has collapsed in Ovingdean. A bit of an influx of Fivewaysers there.

    Meanwhile, Goldsmid is looking interesting. I have several times found people who said that they are Labour members and there is a friendly but defensive look about them as they then close the door and go back to slumping by the television as I toil on through the dark and the cold.

    Alex Phillips has found vital electioneering equipment at a firm of plumbing suppliers.

  4. Word from Brunswick is that David Watkins was canvassed by the Greens and smiled benignly. It does not sound as if Elgood will be getting his vote.

    This is all rather different from last time, when Brian Ralfe, as an Independent stood on the anti-Elgood ticket, and delivered a leaflet to Watkins’s place. The door immedately opened, and Mrs Watkins slung the leaflet after him and shouted, “what has my husband ever done to harm you?”

    It could be that Tory voes there switch to the Greens, and there is of course the ever-shifting population. Newcomers might not be aware of the LibDems there. It is going to be a case of long nights for Paul Elgood fiddling with the tweezers and inkpad from his John Bull printing outfit.

    Meanwhile, in Rottingdean, there is speculation that the Vicar -who covered his car in posters for Simon Burgess last year – might this time support tactical voting. Politicians move in mysterious ways.

    • I’m guessing the vital piece of electioneering equipment is a length of plastic pipe, to keep the leaflets dry. Good notion, if so.

      Brian Ralfe actually stood as an ‘Independant’, to quote his own leaflets.

  5. David Watkins would do well to remember that he does not own this council seat, the public do.

  6. I would be extremely supprised if Rachael Bates never mind any Conservatives won in H&S.

    According to Rachael’s twitter she loves Sarah Palin and the Tea Party!

    And in this country she is a supporter of Dan Hannan, the MEP who argues against the NHS!

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