Doorstep Brighton – 23rd January 2011

This is the first campaign trail update from Brighton and Hove.  I am grateful to those candidates, activists and members of the public who have provided the following updates:

Regency Ward: Dan Wilson (Labour candidate) reports – “It seems quite complex to me out there from Liberals. I detect some embarrassment from people who voted LD at the GE but no massive uniform switch. One comment struck me from one such voter yesterday who said that if they were going to vote Green, they would have done it in May when the Greens were campaigning hard. Since they had not heard from the Greens since, she said she was open to persuasion. Labour will have to work hard to win these affluent LDs. Probably harder than the Greens.”  Dan’s fellow Labour candidate  is James Asser.  Regency Greens have announced the selection of its two candidates, sitting councillor Jason Kitcat and Ania Kitcat.  I hope to hear from James, Jason and Ania.  The Labour candidates have been out door knocking twice this week – very impressive so far out from polling day.  It points to a very keenly fought campaign in Regency.  Kitcats take note.

Hollingdean and Stanmer: HP, a resident of the ward writes: “My round-up to date: I was doorstepped by Labour about 8 weeks ago. That’s it. Unfortunately, it was Jeanne Lepper, who I like far less than Pat Hawkes. Sven Rufus appears to have been putting more effort into his roof extension than doing any campaining. I didn’t even know who the other green candidates were until reading this blog. And I’m interested in local politics. All in all, all parties could do much much better!”

Luke Walter (Green candidate in H&S) was out for much of the “very nippy, but pleasant day”.  The highlight of his day  was being asked for a ‘Vote Green’ poster four months before the election.  (Is this a record? asks BPB).  Luke accepts the point I made in an earlier post that he has the hardest challenge to be elected given he is at the bottom of the ballot paper.  He says: “Being Aaron Aaronson certainly increases one’s chances”.  However, he says that history doesn’t always bode disaster for candidates at the bottom of the ballot paper. 

East Brighton: Tory leader councillor Mary Mears has asked the three Labour councillors in East Brighton (Warren Morgan, Gill Mitchell and  Craig Turton) to apologise for “scare mongering” for saying that the Number 37 bus  was to be cut.  She says it is safe.  We will see. 

Rottingdean Coastal:  Is councillor Mears moving her attention away from Rottingdean Coastal?  Has she become too complacent?  Could Christopher Hawtree yet prove me wrong?  How about an update from the Rottingdean campaign, Christopher?

There have been brief sightings of other candidates and councillors around and about.  I enjoyed talking to a couple over the last few days, and learning about the state of Labour politics in east and central Hove.  Oh, dear.  Enough said.

In the sidelines: Paul Perrin of UKIP spent the day queing and walking around the Ark Royal.  Few votes for UKIP there.  Actually, few votes for UKIP anywhere, thank heavens.

And finally, in case you missed it, the Green Party has brought down the government and triggered a general election.  In Ireland, alas.  If only Caroline Lucas was that influential!

7 Responses

  1. “The highlight of his day was being asked for a ‘Vote Green’ poster four months before the election. (Is this a record? asks BPB).”

    Alas, this was not, a Coldean resident on Hawkhurst Road wanted a Green billboard last Saturday.

  2. […] rest is here: Doorstep Brighton – 23rd January 2011 « Brighton Politics Blog This entry was posted in Green Politics and tagged all-parties, environment policy, Green […]

  3. Somebody in Brunswick asked me for a Green poster in October…

    But surely candidates and others are not going to reveal everything here?

  4. Oh dear, yes, I can see this feature turning into an endless succession of entries reading ‘Out canvassing all day!!! Gr8 response!!!!!’

    Perhaps the BPB should offer a small prize for candour in posts, and maybe a slightly bigger prize for anyone who spots a Tory out in daylight.

  5. I do hope that posters handed out in the long campaign are duly accounted for as part of the the short one. 😉

    • Dan, there’s a difference between being asked for a poster and distributing them. No issue here. BPB

  6. I live in Regency ward. I received a handwritten Christmas card from the LibDem candidates. Nothing from them since. Nothing from Labour. Can’t find out the names of the Conservative candidates. A female representative of the Green Party buzzed my flat intercom and asked if she could come in. I am a gay man and I was engaged in a sexual encounter at the time. I said ‘no.’ She persisted. I said, very firmly ‘no’, turned off my intercom and got back down to business.

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