Next to Clegg, Cameron looks tired & bland; Clegg by Brown looks lightweight. Bruiser Brown wins on points

Here are some of my immediate reactions to tonights Leaders’ Debate.

Gordon Brown was in his element, the Leader with experience on the world stage and the policy anorak. He was calm, firm, authoratative. But twice he didn’t carry it off: his “get real, Nick” comment.  He doesn’t do macho at all well.  The other was his demand to know why commitments to the elderly wasn’t in the Tory manifesto. Cameron was able to give the commitments straight into the camera. Stick to your own policies, Gordon, with the occassional “there is too much to lose / at risk”.

Brown on the economy was impressive.  Clegg needs Vince Cable alongside him.

But his defence of Trident through his attack on Clegg was a huge, huge mistake.

“The buck stops with me” ending was excellent but not the attack on Clegg’s Trident stance.

Clegg was not so assured this week.  High expectations but came across a bit ‘samey’.  Did not compare that well against the heavy-weight Gordon Brown. Clegg was strongest on immigration. Landed blow on Brown when saying you can’t deport 900,000 people – “You don’t know where they live!”.  His demand to know the target figure from Cameron showed up Cameron who could only say “You’re better off under the Conservatives”.

Cameron was strongest when giving assurnce that the Tories will retain the winter fueld paymnt, free tv licences, free bus passes, fre eye tests.  His accusation of Labour “lies” hit home.  Question is, can you believe that this will be the case when they ‘discover the reall state of the countries finances’?

Cameron’s “don’t scare people in a general election” was a bit over-rehearsed.  Generally, he looked tired, and  lacked sparkle.

Cameron’s ending weak – Labour trying to scare voters.  Clegg’s “We can lead the world” a good vision. Glad there was no “We can make Britain great again”.

Alongside Clegg, Cameron looks tired and bland; Clegg alongside Brown looks lightweight. Bruiser Brown wins on points, but Clegg hasn’t done his cause any harm..

2 Responses

  1. A strong performance from Brown. And no mistake.

  2. I really don’t understand the YouGov poll results directly after the debate. Putting aside political allegiances I thought Cameron came off the worst and certainly not 4pts up on Clegg.

    Then again all the polls (voting intention/best performance/honesty) seemed to be similar but differing in only the lead two. Gordy last in all (but by differing margins).

    My opinion (for what it’s worth):
    Clegg/Brown equal between style and substance.
    Cameron a little trying and policy light.

    Shot of the night – a cut to a yawning man as Gordon was wittering on about something. Sky – who’d have thought it, tut tut!

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