There’s more to this election that just Brighton Pavilion. Tactical voting remains so important

I am in danger of presenting the general election as being about just one campaign – that in Brighton Pavilion.  In fact Roy Greenslade, a titan of the newspaper industry (and I do mean that sincerely) almost suggested that when he said on the Guardian’s Greenslade Blog, that this was “a lively blog where the left-of-centre author appears to be enthused by the Green candidate in Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas.

In Hove, it is looking increasingly likely that there will be a Tory win, although Celia Barlow pulled off one of the most amazing results last time by holding the seat.  Greens are suggesting that it is a lost cause for Labour so anti-Tories can vote according to their preference.   Don’t vote Green in Hove, not in this election.  Wait until the Greens have developed their base beyond the solitary but high profile and impressive Alex Phillips.

In Brighton Kemptown Green Ben Duncan is putting up a bit of a show, but he will come nowhere near ousing the anti-Tory challenge of Simon Burgess.  Again, don’t vote Green this time around in Kemptown.  Vote tactically for Simon Burgess.

So in Brighton and Hove, I am advocating tactical voting for Labour in Brighton Kemptown and in Hove, and definitely a tactical vote and a principled vote for the Greens in Brighton Pavilion.

In Hastings in Rye I have always been impressed by the work ethic of Michael Foster who is defending the seat against the Tory, Amber Rudd.  Please give a tactical vote for Labour in Hastings.  Michael may not set the world on fire, but he has been an excellent MP.

In Lewes it has to be the Liberal Democrat, Stormin’ Norman Baker.  If Mandelson is to New Labour what Portillo was to the last Tory Government, then the re-election of Norman Baker will be the worst thing possible for Mandelson.

Finally, the election in Eastbourne is turning nasty where sitting Tory MP Nigel Watersons in real danger of losing to the Lib Dem Stephen Lloyd.  All Labour and Green supporters must vote Lib Dem in Eastbourne.  If Stephen wins, it won’t be the last we will hear of Waterson – he has already threatened to see Lloyd in Court over an election leaflet.  Who would have thought it, nasty politics in Eastbourne.

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  1. I do not understand why there is an assumption that the Tories will gain Hove. There is no apparent groundswell of support for them, no visible canvassers.

    A while ago I went out on a limb and said that, with an earlier start, Paul Elgood could gain it for the LibDems, based on the large vote last time, which was perhaps partly a result of Iraq.

    The “Clegg effect” could bring the LibDems votes from those who had half-heartedly thought to vote Tory.

    Hove could yet have a Green MP if it becomes a Green minority Council next year, or close to such a Council.

    Meanwhile, Hove is as fascinating as Pavilion, and there is every possibility that Celia Barlow will keep it. The Tories, as they did last time, may have peaked too soon.

  2. Meanwhile, this evening’s news from Belgium suggests that, beyond Brighton and Hove, there could interesting times after the Election result. Perhaps the multi-lingual Clegg could make languages an issue in a hung Parliament.

  3. “There’s more to this election that just Brighton Pavilion. Tactical voting remains so important”…to keep the Tories out!

    It’s just that it wasn’t clear from the title. 😉

    Agree with comments about Simon Burgess (Lab) in Brighton Kemptown. He has been running a very active camapign, in Kemptown at least, and seems very genuine and on the ball.

    In fact apart from a leaflet from Ben Duncan (Green), I haven’t heard a peep from any of the other candidates. Oh, actually, that’s not true, I did h-e-a-r Dave Hill (I think) electioneering via mega phone from the back of a transit last week. Couldn’t make out what he was saying but he seemed to be enjoying himslef.

    My attempt to drag out of Simon Kirby & Juliet Williams a response is documented on my blog under “Big Kemptown Election News” (for those that may be interested).

  4. The celebrity effect of Caroline Lucas in Pavilion will I fear gift the seat to the Conservatives.
    Tactical voting all round untill we get PR.

    • Or “popularity effect” as it’s otherwise known. The national polls are now showing an appetite for change from Labour and Tories – as usual Brighton was ahead of the trend.

      Support for the Greens has been growing for years here and since 2005 we have won more elections in Pavilion than any other party. By all means vote tactically, but back the winner!

      Caroline Lucas is going to be an excellent MP for Brighton.

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