Candidates and political leaders are under enormous pressure. We should give Gordon Brown a break and focus on the economy

What a silly storm in a tea-cup over Gordon Brown’s unfortunate comment calling Gillian Duffy a “bigot”.  He shouldn’t have said it, he acknowledges this, and has apologised.  But I for one have a huge amount of sympathy for Brown and, for that matter, all party leaders and all serious candidates.  They must all be under unbelievable pressure.  Brown in particular has copped so much criticism, personal abuse and character assassination.

All of us say things behind closed doors that we would not want repeated, let alone recorded and broadcast on every available outlet. 

But there are two issues far more important than an unfortunate error  by a man who must be exhausted and stressed beyond endurance. The first issue is about immigration.  Why on earth is the media broadcasting ignorant and inflammatory views from bigots who are saying that immigrants are taking all the jobs and houses.  The media have a responsibility to ensure that this incendiary issues is not allowed to stir up racial and other community tensions.

The second issue is the economy, particularly the collapse of the Greek economy.  Portugal will be next, then perhaps Spain, Italy and …. Britain?  Tomorrow night is the third Leaders’ Debate, and the theme is the economy.  This is what the debate in the media should be about, and this is the issue that should and may yet decide this election.  IT’S THE ECONOMY, STUPID!!!

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  1. I was out all day, and had not heard about the Gordon Brown incident until told about it by somebody on a doorstep at eight o’clock: he told me that he was not voting Labour but had every sympathy with Gordon Brown over this, and I should say that is the general view.

    Any canvasser hears extraordinary remarks, it’s a perk of the job, and at times it feels as if the whole world, or at least Brighton Pavilion, is the play that Alan Bennett has yet to write.

    I could chronicle some of the rermarks here, especially the one about the fish cakes, but the Gordon Brown case makes me shy from doing so.

  2. “It’s the economy, stupid”

    I have seen these guys (other candidates) in action, in the face of the voters… And I can tell you that they are seriously hoping that the electorate are, indeed, stupid.

    We (the UK) are borrowing £160 billion this year – and both labour and conservative plan to extend the loan by similar amounts each year throughout the next parliament – reducing a bit, so in four years time we will only be extending our loan by another £80 billion a year.

    So they plan to increase the overall national debt by about half a trillion between now and the next election.

    I am 45 – my generation finally paid off the national debt run up paying for the second world war – I really don’t begrudge that… But for my kids (and grandkids etc) to be expected to pay an even bigger debt just to cover Labours very own ‘mother of all busts’ is really taking the p*ss.

  3. I just despair!!

    The media – and Murdoch in particular – have just been waiting for a ‘gaffe’ such as this to dictate who the next government should be. Listening to it unfold on BBC radio yesterday – the presenters were vitually wetting themselves with excitement at what had happened. It could have been dismissed as an unkind aside, which it was, but had be be blown up into this huge issue in order to help bring down the government. The media want a story, or event so they can justify the ridiculous 24 hour stream of stories that they have to spew out. The result is a debased politics in this country.

    Although Murdoch was behind the microphone its not just his organisation. The rest of the media just want different people to talk about – and have no concern for the effect on the body politic. Its the same with the leadership debates. A massive media hype around the whole thing – just praying for ‘something’ to happen.

    So the election will be decided by three debates between the leaders on TV, and an overheard comment – blown out of all proportion by the media for their own ends. Party activisits might as well stay at home.

    Time to grow up as a nation.

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