The Greens Need to Move Up Several Gears

I have been accused of being anti-Green in recent posts. Far from it.  The Greens, who are sensitive lot, should view me as a critical friend. The Greens have aspirations for national office through Caroline Lucas as the first ever Green MP. I have previously advocated a Green vote for Alex Phillips in the Goldsmid by-election. I came close to advocating a Green vote for Caroline Lucas in Brighton Pavilion but have held back because of what I see to be the poor campaigning qualities of Green councillors locally.

By contrast, I see an energetic and high profile, principled campaign by Nancy Platts for Labour.  I remain torn although Nancy has definitely strengthened her standing over the last 2 months (although I think she is failing to use the Argus effectively).

Scott Redding takes me to task from time to time. It has been suggested that he is a press officer for the Green Party. I don’t know if this is correct but if it is I worry more about the Greens. He posted a comment listing four, yes a whole four, news stories in the Argus in the last three weeks.

I was involved in a campaign in the 1980’s when a Labour candidate set a target of 100 stories in the Argus in 100 days. He failed when he only got 96 within the set time! And he was a candidate for Council, not Parliament.

The Greens damn themselves with their own self-justification. They need to be swamping the local paper, have mass door-knocking events in Brighton Pavilion, at least once each month in each Ward, but fortnightly if they are really serious about winning.  The Greens must (pardon the un-Green expression) move up several gears if they are to lead this race.

The Greens have three significant advantages over Nancy Platts: They are not Labour; they are seen as a fresh alternative; and they have enthusiastic supporters with an eye on the prize. Their three disadvantage are: they have few members who understand campaigning; their narrow City-centre base; and an absentee candidate..

Nancy Platts has one advantage over the Greens – Nancy Platts the Candidate.

Finally, having advocating a Green vote for Alex Phillips in Goldsmid, and now being critical of her invisibility, I do encourage you all to support her in her fundraising efforts for Rise, formerly the Women’s Refuge Project.  Alex is fundraising for Rise  through  Just Giving –

2 Responses

  1. Brighton and HoveLabour Partys in the 80s had 2000 members.
    Today,the Greens have a mere 200.
    The declining involvement in political parties has more to do with the hopes of millions in 1997 being dashed by a party that gave us education fees,attacks on pensions,war,lies,greed and corruption.
    Now we’re supposed to choose between the 3 main parties slightly different emphases on how public services will be cut.
    The Greens come from a different tradition,and individually, their supporters remind of the Labour left in Brighton in the 1980s.
    However,they appear (from their main propaganda in “Green Leaf”)obsessed with organic food and recycling,to the exclusion of issues like jobs and homes,and cut themselves off from many ordinary voters who don’t trust the 3 Cuts parties to deliver on these issues.
    If they learnt how to campaign over these issues more consistently,they may be able to pull in other local activists to support them.


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