Has Labour given up and gone home?

The thing that amazes me about reaction to this blog is the absolute lack of response from Labour supporters. Not one person, even those who know me, has defended Liz Telcs, the campaign that was run (or not) in Goldsmid Ward, or the reputation of the Labour Party in Brighton and Hove.

I remain, at heart, a Labour (that’s Old Labour) supporter. I am a socialist, not a Green. But frankly, the Greens offer an alternative, and show some ambition. Come on Labour Party members. Has the Party died in Brighton? Have you all given up and gone home? Have you just rolled over and surrendered?

Is there anyone out there?

PS Good luck tomorrow, Alex. A Green victory is in the best interest of Brighton and Hove.

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for your eve-of-election support BPB – I’ll pass it on to Alex. She has worked her nuts off for this campaign (and she will go on to work as hard as she can for Goldsmid residents should she be elected tomorrow), so it’s heartening that throughout the campaign you have recognised her determination and graft.

    I too am an old socialist; but Labour lost their way a long time ago. I know old habits die hard, and so I thank you doubly for the support you have shown for Alex and her Green Party ticket in recent weeks.

    Less than 24 hours to go now…

    • Hi Green Amy, I enjoy your blog and think that anyone who likes Joni Mitchell can’t be all bad! BPB

  2. Aw shucks BPB – glad you enjoy my (somewhat sporadic at the moment) blog. I think yours is pretty neat too. Plus Joni is of course a goddess 🙂

    There must be some musical vibe in the Brighton & Hove blogosphere at the moment – I was just trying to post some praise for Neil Harding’s recent “Can We Have Our Cash Back Please” video post (which I was – believe it or not – humming to myself when I was out doing a spot of last-minute leafleting in Goldsmid this lunchtime), but for some reason (Firefox?) the comments box on Neil’s blog won’t work for me. Neil, if you’re reading this, please sort it out!

    In the meantime, in the spirit of the Churchillian “hinterland”, I invite you to http://www.myspace.com/thepassion 😉

  3. Hi Amy, very impressed with your councillor speeches on youtube. Not sure why firefox is blocking comments on my site – seems to work ok when I try. Will investigate.

    Made me smile to think you are humming my tune on the campaign trail. Hope things going well – just got back from me hols today, so missed all the campaign action this week. Glad to see Vince is backing the Greens – doesn’t surprise me – Labour members in Goldsmid have been treated very badly by Gill Mitchell et al who installed Lis Telcs.

    Me and the wife just voted Green – saw Keith Taylor outside polling station. Hope to hear the Greens with a clear win tonight.

    BPB – Like the redesign of the site.

  4. Unfortunately, Liz Telcs hung up the phone on me when I questioned her her on the benefits of recycling. She had already failed to explain the advantage of not claiming expenses (mentioned in her literature).

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