Crisis, what crisis? 109% increase in youth unemployment in Hove

“Half a bee, philosophically, must ipso facto half not be,
when half a bee is not a bee, due to some ancient ….. injury”.

So said Monty Python in Eric The Half a Bee.

One could also say that
“a crisis may said to be, ipso facto, half not be,
when that crisis is described, by a ….. Weatherley”.

Youth unemployment (18 – 24 year olds out of work for six months or more) in Hove has increased from 55 in January 2011 to 115 in September 2011. That is an increase, ipso facto, of 109%. The increase in Brighton Pavilion was 57% and Brighton Kemptown 42%.

Schools Minister and MP for Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, Nick Gibb, saw an increase in his constituency of 122%. Nice work, Nick. The highest increase in Sussex was in the Lib Dem held Eastbourne where the increase was 155%.

By most people’s standards this would be regarded as something of a crisis. But Hove MP Mike Weatherley pointed to the rise in apprenticeships as evidence that the Government was making a difference. The Conservative-led Coalition government certainly is making a difference, but not the difference we want to see.

Labour’s view is that spending cuts were threatening to create a “lost generation” whose prospects would be blighted for life, and Labour attacks the Government’s decision to scrap the Future Jobs Fund which created temporary placements for young people to help them compete in the jobs market.

Green Shoots of Recovery?

Yesterday I criticised politicians who are raising hopes of an early recovery from recession, saying they were perpetrating a cruel hoax on the public.

Even if the economy begins to grow again, unemployment will continue to rise.

There are 890,000 people under the age of 25 now unemplyed, and likely to jump to over 1 million when the Class of ’09 join the dole queue later this month.

One of my favourite ecocomists, David Blanchflower, formerly a dissenting yet prophetic voice on the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, described this as “a tragedy for the nation”.

The Bank of England, in it’s latest quarterly bulletin, reported that more than a million households are now in negative equity, and house prices will probably fall a further 15%!

David Blanchflower, writing in Thursday’s Telegraph, said: “We are faced with a toxic cocktail: sliding house prices, rising negative equity, inadequate levels of credit” (needed for growth to sustain economic recovery) “soaring unemployment and zero, or even negative, wage growth.

“In such circumstances, it is almost academic to try to pinpoint whether economic growth is returning.

“The simple fact remains that we have yet to realise just how painful the coming years are likely to be”.


According to the Office of National Staristics, one job is being lost in Sussex every 80 minutes, or 18 each day. Manufacturing and construction industries have been particularly vary effected.

Certain politicians and economists are, wrongly in my opinion, saying we are coming out of recession. These economists, I fear, are offering false hope. Those politicians are promoting a cruel hoax.

The situation is going to get worse, much much worse, with unemployment increasing yet by more that a million.

In Brighton and Hove there has been a 64.8% increase in those out of work since May 2008, in East Sussex 98.2%, and in West Sussex 155%!

In Brighton these figures do not include the 80 staff who will be lising their jobs at Legal and General.

And worse is to come with substantial cuts anticipated in both the public and charitable sectors where funding will be cut over the next year and slashed after the general election.