Join the Adam Boulton Protection Society as Alistair Campbell, the brute, upsets the Fragrant Boulton.

Did you see the exchange this afternoon on Sky News between the fragrant Adam Boulton and the Devil himself, Alistair Campbell?  Campbell was at his evil worst today, appearing on every news channel, speaking sense, being moderate, and being proportionate.  Outrageous.  And then he goes and upsets the lovely and vulnerable Adam Boulton.  The poor Diddims. Poor Adam, what has he done wrong in the last six months, ridiculing Gordon Brown, showing bias in favour of the Tories, doing his master’s (Murdoch) bidding, being partisan (and completely out of his depth) in the second Leaders’ Debate.

What with calls for the the sacking of Kay Burley, and now Boulton losing it completely, we are in danger of losing two of the Nation’s Sweethearts.   What wailing and gnashing of teeth there must be in the Sky Bunker tonight.  Can Sky News ever again be regarded as an objective news channel.  Why not rename it Fox News?

If you haven’t seen the exchange, it is worth watching it in full.  And Jeremy Thompson didn’t cover himself in glory, either: “You are being provocative, Alistair”.  As if ….!

Cameron wobbles while Brown has his best day as the polls suggest no progress for the Tories

The polls tonight are moving in a way that makes even more uncertain the result of the 2010 General Election (or should that be the May 2010 General Election?).  An Ipsos MORI poll, usually the most reliable / least contaminated of all polls, has a poll taken in 57 marginal seats currently held by Labour, has Labour on 36%, the Tories on 36%, and the Lib Dems on 20%.  

A YouGov poll for the Sun, often the one that gives the Tories the most favourable result, has the Tories on 35%, Labour on 28% and the Lib Dems 28%.  This poll, even if it is correct, would not give the Tories a majority by some distance.  Another poll published tonight, by Opinium for the Daily Express, has Labour on 28%, the Tories on 33% and the Lib Dems on 27%.

Cameron has begun talking up his prospects, saying what he will do on Friday and in the first weeks in government.  Others are being more cautious.  Even Sky News, which has all but announced the Coronation of Cameron, has just said that the election is “too close to call”.   What must be worrying for the Tories is that, in spite of the overwhelming promotion of his cause by the media, the polls are not moving in the direction that would see a Tory government elected.

One other development worth noting was Brown’s inspiring speach which most observers, even tradional Tory supporters, praised very highly.  With two days to go, anything could yet happen. There was a very interesting discussion on the Election Show on BBC News this evening.  It wasn’t about the March of the Cameron into Downing Street.  No, it was the problem Cameron will face on Friday.  If after his massive poll lead for well over a year cannot deliver a majority, then there will be immediate moves within the Tory Party over his leadership.  Even if he forms a minority government (he has ruled out electoral reform thereby making a coalition with the Lib Dems impossible, unless Nick Clegg sells out on day one!), he won’t have a mandate to make the cuts he is planning.

One final development, Peter Hain in tomorrow’s Independent, is calling for Labour supporters in ‘no hope areas for Labour’ to “vote intelligently”.  This is the nearest a Labour Cabinet member has gone in calling for tactical votes.  Had he gone further, he would have been in breach of Labour Party rules, and he would have faced immediate expulsion.  But the message is clear from Hain: vote tactically to keep the Tories out.