UKIP asking for coverage: I would rather stick needles in my eyes than vote UKIP

I have been asked to give some coverage to UKIP.  Their candidate for Hove has approached my and says that UKIP are on the ballot paper in over 500 constituencies, including the three Brighton & Hove constituencies.

He asked “How about some UKIP coverage?” and says that Betfair has UKIP ahead of the LibDems in Pavilion.

Well, that truly impacts on the electoral landscape.  I imagine that Green candidate Caroline Lucas is, as we are speaking, preparing her speech conceding the election to the might of UKIP.

Sarcasm apart, UKIP is made up of a bunch of self-centred, divisive and plain nasty individuals.  Anyone who heard the recent speech by Nigel Farrage will know what small-minded, petty individuals make up their representation in the European Parliament.

I am sure that there are some decent, principled individuals in UKIP, but I am yet to come across them.

So, UKIP ask that this blog gives them some coverage.  With pleasure: Don’t vote for this unpleasant bunch of Xenophobes.  I would rather stick pins in my eyes, extract my finger nails with pliers and no anesthetic, and vote Conservative than vote for this horrible bunch.