Marina Pepper: Latest on Brighton Pavilion

Marina Pepper has responded on Twitter to rumours that she might become the Lib Dem candidate for Brighton Pavilion.  She said: “Rumours flying around that I’m about to stand for Parliament in Pavilion. Lots of old buffers blogging their opinions on my chances. LOL”.

This old buffer did say she didn’t have a chance of success. But she didn’t say she wouldn’t stand – as a Lib Dem or for someone else.

In fact the Lib Dems have a candidate but they seem to have kept it a secret.  The candidate is Bernadette Millam.  She is listed on the excellent UK Polling Report site, but little, if anything, is known about her.

It is clear that the Lib Dems are not taking the seat seriously.  Why don’t they just nt stand so that Lib Dems can simply vote for Caroline Lucas.

Is Marina Pepper about to join the campaign in Brighton Pavilion?

I have heard from several sources that the Lib Dems are on the verge of appointing Marina Pepper as their candidate in Brighton Pavilion.  Ms Pepper would certainly add colour, if not depth, to the campaign.  She has identified herself in the past as a white witch, was (according to Wikipedia) Playboy’s Playmate of the Month for March 1987, and has ‘walked out’ with the likes of Matthew Freud and Daniel Craig!

Welcome to the Brighton Politics Celebrity Spotter (Jo Brooks will be proud!).

Politically, and in more recent years, she has been a serious politician, councillor and energetic environmental campaigner. 

She served in 2006 as Chairman of Lewes District Council, where she represented the East Saltdean and Telscombe Cliffs. She lost her seat on May 3, 2007 when she was defeated by he Tories.

She has also served as the mayor of Telscombe and in the 2005 general election she stood (unsuccessfully) in Brighton Kemptown as a Liberal Democrat. She has been quoted by BBC News as saying, somewhat facetiously, “I’m not sure Page Three girls can become MPs”.

The truth is that it has nothing to do with her being a former model.  She won’t get elected in Brighton Pavilion because the Lib Dems don’t have any chance of finishing higher than fourth in the constituency.

If she is considering standing I would appeal to her not to, and for her to appeal to all Lib Dems in Brighton Pavilion to vote tactically for Caroline Lucas.