Labour Conference: Shocking News

Major shocks at the Labour Party Conference today. The Labour leader Gordon Brown is not taking prescribed medication; there has been no serious challenge to his leadership; and nobody framed Roger Rabbit.

And that is the problem. There is no challenge, not even a phoney war. Everyone is so nice. Everyone is being cautious to ensure that they cannot be blamed for a lack of unity.

There is a general acceptance, not articulated publically, that Labour has lost the election. Quiet lobbying, more akin to speed dating, is taking place in the bars and restaurants around the conference centre.

Only Jon Cruddas is promoting alternative policies. The rest are keeping their powder dry.

So Labour is not quite sleep-walking to defeat, but tip-toeing in slippers. Come the second week of May 2010, the knives will be out and the election that many Cabinet Members have long wanted will be with us.

The honourable approach is that being taken by Jon Cruddas. Speak now. To do otherwise is cowardly and short-changes those who need a strong Labour performance in the election that will take place in the first week of May 2010.