Why Rio Ferdinand is morally superior to John Terry

Fabio Capello has sacked John Terry as England captain because, so it seems, he has cheated on his England team mate, Wayne Bridge. Fortunately, the new captain, Rio Ferdinand, has a clean record as far as the dressing room is concerned.

It seems not to matter that Fredinand was banned for a year for drink driving, featured in a home made sex video with team mates Kieron Dyer and Frank Lampard, was banned from football for eight months for missing a drugs test (he forgot as he had “gone shopping”, apologised to gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell for calling Chris Moyles a ‘fagot’ on air, and was the organiser of a Manchester United Christmas Party that ended with allegations of rape and sexual harassment against another player (who was later cleared).

But at least he didn’t do the dirty on an England team mate. Rio is the man charged to lead England  in the World Cup and to be a role model for millions of young boys and men.  Women across the nation must be so relieved.

Brighton Politics Blogger hitting an all time low

“Ad hoc, ad loc, et quid pro quo, so little time, so much to know”

Thus spoke the Nowhere Man, that odd little creature in the Beatles film, Yellow Submarine. Today there is so little time and so much to comment on.So I will be brief:

John Terry: Lay off him won’t. He may be an overpaid, self-indulgent individual, but unlike other Premier Division footballers he hasn’t been accused of forcing himself on women, rape, or beating up his partner. Enough, I say.

Ivor Caplin: Former Labour MP for Hove. Having to repay £17k in the Expenses scandall for refusing to respond to questions on his expenses. This on’t hlp Celi Barlow trying to defend her seat.

David Cameron: Making a fool of himself in an interview with the wonderful Johann Hari in today’s Independent. He denied voting against gay marriage, saying he defied the whip, and even when referred to the Hansard record of his vote, he repeated that “his memory” is that he abstained.

Katie Price: Getting married again. I wasn’t invited but as Liza Minnelli said to her mother, Judy Garland, when saying she couldn’t make her sixth wedding, “I promise to come to the next one”.

David Cameron (again): For having George Osborne as his Shadow Chancellor.

Nicholas Soames: For playing the immigration card – he has just realised there is a general election looming.

Brighton Politics Blogger: Shame for bringing blogging to a new low!