Join the Adam Boulton Protection Society as Alistair Campbell, the brute, upsets the Fragrant Boulton.

Did you see the exchange this afternoon on Sky News between the fragrant Adam Boulton and the Devil himself, Alistair Campbell?  Campbell was at his evil worst today, appearing on every news channel, speaking sense, being moderate, and being proportionate.  Outrageous.  And then he goes and upsets the lovely and vulnerable Adam Boulton.  The poor Diddims. Poor Adam, what has he done wrong in the last six months, ridiculing Gordon Brown, showing bias in favour of the Tories, doing his master’s (Murdoch) bidding, being partisan (and completely out of his depth) in the second Leaders’ Debate.

What with calls for the the sacking of Kay Burley, and now Boulton losing it completely, we are in danger of losing two of the Nation’s Sweethearts.   What wailing and gnashing of teeth there must be in the Sky Bunker tonight.  Can Sky News ever again be regarded as an objective news channel.  Why not rename it Fox News?

If you haven’t seen the exchange, it is worth watching it in full.  And Jeremy Thompson didn’t cover himself in glory, either: “You are being provocative, Alistair”.  As if ….!