The cause of Labour’s defeat in Goldsmid?

Are there any clues as to why Labour performed so badly in the Goldsmit by-election? Could it be the poor campaign, the imposed and uninspiring candidate, the divided Party locally? Perhaps the expenses scandal, Gordon’s leadersip, the disunity of former Cabinet members? Maybe the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, more and more young men and women coming home in body bags, or Labour’s support for the war-monger Blair as President of Europe? The recession, the housing crisis, bailing out the banks, and the consequential cuts in public funding and services?

It’s kind of hard to see why there wasn’t a Labour landslide!

Bizzarely, I had a call from a Labour friend this morning blaming this blog’s early and consistent endorsement of the Green candidate, now councillor, Alex Phillips. It gave the campaign ‘momentum’ I was advised!

Given that this blog is read by not many more than my mum and a couple of anoraks (apologies Amy and Neil), I hardly feel responsible for this latest Labour disaster. I can but dream.