Why I will be voting Yes for the hopelessly inadequate Alternative Vote

Dr Faust suggests that I should write a post on the AV referendum. The was a debate last Friday evening in Brighton on the merits or otherwise of AV. Starring for the No campaign was the formidable Chuck Vere. I, sadly, was unable to be reunited with Chuck but from all accounts she has learned from year’s general election campaign and was the model of reasonableness and good humour.

But no matter how charming was Chuck, I will be voting Yes on May 5th, not because it is a great step forward in democracy. In fact, I think it is a very poor imitation of electoral reform, another sell-out by the dispicable Lib Dems. I don’t hold with the argument that it will make politicians work harder – most work incredibly hard already. I will hold my nose and vote Yes for the following reasons:

A Yes vote will indicate that electoral reform is possible;
AV when implemented will be inadequate and the call for proper voting reform will have gained momentum;
A No vote will be interpreted that people don’t want electoral reform and the chance of electoral reform will be lost for a generation;
A Yes vote will set Tories against Cameron, the Coalition and the Lib Dems – worth it watch the in-fighting;
A Yes vote will require politicians to reach out beyond their core vote and ensure that they don’t alienate supporters of other parties by attacking their political opponents.

Hardly a ringing endorsement for AV, I know, but a micro step forward is better than none.