A word of thanks to Charlotte Vere

I don’t often have the chance to offer thanks to Charlotte Vere, but she has done something that deserves thanks and praise.

Yesterday she tweeted about Caroline Lucas’ appearance on BBC’s Straight Talk with Andrew Neil.  I for one would not have known that Ms Lucas was appearing on this programme, but thanks to Ms Vere I was able to watch it.

Once again I was struck by Caroline’s poise and command, even in the face of hostile questioning from Neil.  Compared to other political leaders, she comes across as genuine, principled and worth supporting.

It was fantastic to hear her commitment to the abolition of Trident, for being a party of the left, for redistribution, and so on.

What was a shame was Charlotte’s observation that the “wheels came off” when the opposite was true.  Andrew Neil was aggressive with Ms Lucas, yet she showed characteristic grace and good humour.  She also showed characteristic competence and authority

She also clearly charmed the brute that is Andrew Neil and it won’t be long before she joins Itchy and Scratchy (Abbott and Portillo) on the sofa on This Week!

But a special thank you to Charlotte Vere.  Please keep us posted on other appearances by Caroline Lucas.  It can only strengthen her candidature.

You can watch Caroline here http://bit.ly/cMEpf4.

Caroline Lucas, as local as the Isle of Wight

Ben Duncan, or greenkemptownben as he is known to his nearest and dearest, has commented in his blog about my blog about other people’s Brighton blogs (if you follow).  Who said us bloggers are a sad bunch of anoracks (or in the case of Green Amy, tabards)? Anyway, he said that I omitted to review the blog of Caroline Lucas.  He writes: “He’s missing one of the best political blogs though for a local take on national issues, that of Caroline Lucas, local MEP, Green Party Leader, and parliamentary candidate in Brighton Pavilion”.

So I had a look at the blog of the Great Leader (apologies to Andrew Neil).  Of the ten latest posts, how many provided the “local take on national issues” referred to by greenkemptownben of this parish? None, actually.  The nearest we get to Brighton Pavilion is the Isle of Wight.  What she writes about is all good stuff, but the focus does reflect a common view that she is aloof (I know the old joke, the world needs more loofs). There is a feeling, and this is why a Green victory in Brighton Pavilion at the General Election is not certain, that she she sees Brighton Pavilion as the next step in her wonderful career. What a shame when, with a candidate focused on local campaigning (like Labour’s Nancy Platts), the Greens could have made history in Brighton Pavilion.

As for Nancy, wrong Party and the wrong time. As for the Greens, wrong candidate, could have been the right time.