The Return of the Brighton Politics Blog 

The Brighton Politics Blog was published anonymously between 2009 and 2012 when its primary contributer, Andy Winter, accidently outed himself to Charlotte ‘Chuck’ Vere.

Following a period of intense frustration over the election period, and unrelenting demands from both our regular readers (Doris and the much missed Biker Dave), it is being relaunched in May 2015. All posts will normally be attributed to their author, and the scurilous style that characterised its earlier manifestation will be less in evidence although we still intend to have some fun.

The views expressed on the blog will not necessarily be sensible or coherent, and may offend. They will also not necessarily be representative of the views of the editors who, themselves, often disagree. We will ocassionally invite contributions from people with wide-ranging political views.

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Brighton Politics Blogger

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  1. Reblogged this on saveHOVE and commented:
    There is a need for the public to understand the political currents running beneath the surface of Brighton and Hove and until 2012, the Brighton Politics Blog was an insightful guide to that, with its blend of political reportage and comment, its gossip and chidings with non-trollerati thoughts in every comment behind every post. It’s now BACK! Highly recommend bookmarking it and paying it some heed.
    A big “Welcome back!” to The Brighton Politics Blog (which does not leave out Hove or Portslade).

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