Britain’s first-ever Green Mayor to lead Brighton Naked Bike Ride on 10th June

My regular readers, (Grizzly, Doris and Biker Dave) will know that I am often accused of being a crypto-Green. Indeed the Enigmatic Flo has been known to voice such concerns herself. But not today. I must say that the announcement by Mayor-elect, Bill Randall, that one of his first engagements after standing down as Council leader to become the City’s First Citizen, is not in keeping with the status and dignity of the Mayoralty.

Councillor Randall has announced that he will be leading the Naked Bike Ride on 10th June wearing nothing but the Mayoral Chain.

While Brighton and Hove welcomes all-comers, has a raffish-reputation, and (as councillor Randall likes to quote Keith Waterhouse) a town that appears to be helping the police with their enquiries, there are certain things the Mayor should not do.

Quick to condemn the Mayor-elect was Hangleton and Knoll councillor, Dawn Barnett: “I cannot believe the bare-face cheek of this. I certainly hope he won’t be displaying his wares in Hangleton although if he did visit the ward he might frighten off the travellers.”

Fellow Green Christopher Hawtree said: “Bill Randall is a Rabelaisian sort of chap. Not many councillors would do this, but I believe Bill Randall can pull it off.”

Councillor Randall has defended his decision: “The Brighton Naked Bike Ride is part of the World Naked Bike Ride, an event that celebrates bikes and bodies, protests against car culture and demonstrates cyclists’ power and vulnerability. It’s also great fun! Rides have taken place every June since 2006 but this is the first time the Mayor will have blessed it with his or her presence.

“I am a bit nervous but I am sure that the event will flash by.”

8 Responses

  1. Could it be that you have created the first funny April Fools’ since the BBC’s spaghetti harvest?

  2. John Prescott has agreed as long as the journey could be routed past Greggs and Forfars in London Road….

  3. unfortunately the greens seem to think it is April fools every day

    • You’re right Hugh.

      From ‘glamping’ in Victoria Gardens, Smash EDO Jubillee Day demo, Travellers’ tolerated site camping (i.e anywhere they fancy), Ben Duncan’s call to have sex with a pastie, opening cannabis cafes to encourage foreign tourism to filling empty homes with squatters, every day is April Fools’ under your Green council.

      • ‘Opening cannabis cafes to encourage foreign tourism’. Given the ban on smoking in public places, how does that work then?

      • +1

        Its pretty much ‘business as usual plus some pure stupidity’.

        If the green administration leaves any mark on the city it will be a huge scar…

        I finally heard the basis of ‘green’ opposition to park and ride… They say it won’t cut Co2, just increase capacity… well bl**dy good then! More capacity, higher foot fall, richer city – even if you are stupid enough to worship at the alter of AGW, not *everything* has to be about Co2!! muppets.

  4. “Britain’s first-ever Green Mayor”

    Actually there have been many Green Mayors: Elise Benjamin, Mayor of Oxford, and John Marjoram, Mayor of Stroud, are two examples.

  5. Well, looking beyond April Fool’s Day………

    I am bound to say that front-page photos, in every newspaper in the land, of the Mayor of Brighton & Hove’s “Landmark Architecture”, buck naked on a bike, and draped in mayoral chains, would indeed “put Brighton & Hove on the map”…. rather better, in fact, than the sad architectural offerings I see in planning applications!

    Double Dog Dare you Bill!

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