Brighton Politics Blogger to stand as a Conservative candidate in 2015

Brighton Pavilion and Hove Conservatives are seeking candidates for the 2015 City Council elections – and you do not have to be a Party member already

Its website says that “In a bold new move the Conservatives in Brighton Pavilion and Hove have opened up their selection process for the first time to any member of the local community who wants to serve their neighbours by becoming a Councillor. No longer will selection be restricted to those who are already Party members.”

Councillor Andrew Wealls, who led a review of candidate selection, said: “We would like to hear from anyone who wants to work for the local community to ensure the Council better serves local residents and businesses. Of course we would expect them to be broadly sympathetic to Conservative values but the most important consideration is a determination to make life better for all residents, whether by ensuring council tax bills are reduced or delivering council services more effectively.”

In the spirit of the New Conservative Party, I have decided to put my name forward. While I have some difficulties with certain Conservative ‘values’, I am pleased that “the most important consideration is a determination to make life better for all residents”.

I want to make life better for residents, but which residents? Which seat will they let me stand in? Obviously there is a determination by the New Conservatives to make life better for this Blogger, and so will certainly allow me to stand in a safe seat. That rules out all seats in the current Brighton Pavilion constituency, even Withdean and Patcham wards.

So what sort of policies should I stand on? I am a conservative kind of person. I want to conserve socialist values in the Labour Party, a battle that is sadly being lost. I want low Council Tax rises, say 3.5%, in order to avoid bigger cuts last year, and on this issue I can foresee a Phillips-Blogger coalition at next year’s Budget Meeting. The modern Tory Party is committed to creating coalitions to replace the one with the doomed Lib Dems.

So here are some of my ideas for the Blogger’s Conservative manifesto:

  • The mandatory wearing of ties sporting the stars and stripes by all male Conservative councillors at all times;
  • All Tory councillors must abide by the Hyde Rule – having been born within a two mile radius of Brighton Town Hall (to hell with inbreeding, councillor Ania Kitcat);
  • Leading the annual Pride March around Hangleton – pride that the ward is the most anti-traveller ward in the City; and
  • Unlimited extensions for speeches by councillors Janio and Hawtree at all council meetings with tickets for the public gallery being sold to the highest bidders.

18 Responses

  1. That’s a manifesto I would like to see enacted, however I live on one of the wards you have ruled out so sadly I can’t promise my vote. However many of us would vote for you just to know who you really are behind the image.

  2. Blimey, that’s reminded me: Cllr Janio will be at Environment Scrutiny today. The agenda paper would have been more of a sweat if I had not put that out of mind. Hope I’m allowed to speak. Bill says that Wallace Stevens might come along for moral support.

  3. EXCELLENT post. Can’t argue with any of it. Stand in my ward and you have my vote.

  4. How are the Tories going to select from among the throngs who put themselves forward? Will it be some internal primary?

    Their move could capture the imagination of voters but it is likely the party machine will really have control. But the move could open debate about who/how candidates are selected. I’d like to see open primaries for each party, where machine supported candidates had to justify themselves against others who were party supporters.

    Ideologies may get diluted but successful candidates would achieve greater legitimacy.

    So well done Tories -a great move for democracy and the now blue BPB

  5. Primaries… Does anybody remember the fiasco which brought the Tories a certain Mrs Vere?

    • Very transparent Mr Hawtree- Charlotte was a good candidate and should she return(unlikely) in 2015 would see one Green MP staying in Brussels more the she already does after losing her seat..inexperience is showing for the Greens and the honeymoon is over anyway they say honeymoons are like joining the Masons … secret and mysterious, and the fewer questions asked the less embarrassing for everybody.. bit like your Budget!!

      • Ghost, I can’t follow syntax of your post! You are too excited. But, meanwhile, I thought key Labour residents went to the Grand “primary”, conferred at interval, and chose Charlotte V as worst Tory . If so, well done! Meanwhile, other Charlotte exhibition, at Pavilion, is well worth a visit. Indeed, it depicts racier scenes than Charlotte V’s heels.

  6. Lay off poking fun at Conservative Party, praise the hard work of the dedicated Councillors and party activists who always work hard for the benefit of all residents of the City.From the press release is it not obvious the Conservative local hierarchy are capable of finding fun and humiliation of the party, without outside help. Hope this brainless idea fails.

  7. What a huge waste of a post and a huge waste of my time reading this.

    Really must be getting bored.

  8. Congratulations blogger on your near certain selection and elevation to the city council. Should we suggest a seat near Mary Mears?

  9. Meanwhile, at Environment Scrutiny, Cllr Janio announced to a startled crowd that he agreed with me.

  10. “…we would expect them to be broadly sympathetic to Conservative values” – so does that mean you have to join the Tory Party or not? Zombie is right as it could indeed capture the imagination of voters but I suspect that will depend on who puts themselves forward. Also, again depending on candidate, this could backfire on the tories. i have the highest regard for Sarah Wollaston MP and GP who was selected in an open primary for Totnes but given her forensic deconstruction of the Health and Social Care Bill as a member of the HoC Health Committee, Cameron and Lansley must be having second thoughts about how “open” they would want an open primary to be in future.

    • Craig
      I have a similar view of Sarah Wollaston MP. She has been a great asset to the Party – and more importantly to Parliament. Wouldn’t it be good if a local GP (or former) put themselves forward for the Council? Some opponents have sneered (not you I hasten to add) at this move, and rubbished the concept of open primaries. Where these were used prior to the last election they tended to lead to the selection of excellent candidates,who also came from a far more diverse range of backgrounds than the traditional system. We have no shortage of people who wish to stand but we are trying to open up our processes so we have the biggest possible pool of candidates for members to select from. We also want to become even more representative of the community (something the other parties should be looking at as well ). And just for the record you would have to become a member to actually be selected, but not to put yourself forward in the first place.

      • ….and what do we have to do to get ‘primaries’ for selection of a police commissioner! I am deeply uncomfortable about having to vote for one and worry the public will be baffled by candidates and who they are and what they stand for and what they have to sell to a voter….

      • Hi Valerie, can’t comment about open primaries for either of the two political parties that are commited to putting candidates up (and I would say shame on both of them – this should not be a party political ‘appointment’), but as the only certain candidate at present (and an Independent) I would be happy to meet you or anyone else who wishes to know what I stand for. That said there are plans for a series of pan Sussex hustings events in October/November that will ensure that people who are interested in meeting and listening to the candidates can do so (and also web casting etc).

  11. So will all Conservative seats in Hove and Brighton be up for this? Or will the old guard again block it? And will candidates have to pass the Hyde Test of residency since 1786?

  12. Another amazingly unpleasant tweet about me by Robert Nemeth was forwarded today. I chuckled. The Tories just don’t get the special damage they do themselves – vide David Smith. Is that the sort of bitter atmosphere in which they think all-comer candidates will feel at home? An exception among their councillors is Garry Peltzer Dunn who continues to be pleasant.

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