Mike Weatherley saves Hove Library

Previously on this blog I have mentioned a veteran Labour councillor who has made a successful political career from his tireless campaigning to save bus routes faced with the axe. As a councillor for Hanover ward in the 1980’s he regularly saved the bus that runs (ran?) up Southover Street, the number 38, I seem to recall. He will remain nameless, but I did speculate in the run up to May’s local elections as to whether he would campaign to save the number 5 to Hangleton where he was standing.

This is how it works. Draw attention to a popular service, like a bus route. Tell everyone that it is under threat. Launch a petition. Get publicity. Then, in due course, announce that the campaign has been successful. The bus route will stay running!

Now our mystery Labour veteran has a pupil, someone who is modelling himself on the campaigning style of Fitch the Elder. This is what the pupil, Mike, has done. Draw attention to a popular service, like Hove Library. Tell everyone it is under threat. Launch a petition. Get publicity. Then, in due course, announce that the campaign has been successful. The library will stay open!

He, whose name I dare not speak, is learning well. But perhaps it is time for him to admit that, like the number 38, there is no threat to Hove Library. At least Labour’s LOLA campaign (Leave Our Loos Alone) is focused on an proposed cut. Perhaps Brian Weatherley should become part of something real and join the LOLA campaign.

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  1. And here is tonight’s Weatherley forecast. An area of low pressure in the west threatens outbreaks faux petitions and thunder claps of outrage followed by a lot of hot air all of which is likely to centre around any passing bandwagon.

    My advice is to take cover until you see a number 38 bus, jump on it but making sure first that it is travelling in the opposite direction of someone claiming to be the MP for Hove as he advances on you like a chugger clasping his clip board and Save Hove Library petition.

  2. OOOOOOH….so wounding…

  3. As has been noted by several on this blog – Caroline (and the Green Party) has developed a habit of presenting herself as MP for Brighton and Hove in recent times – just starting the campaign for 2015 I guess.

    Anyway – on to more important maters. Good to see the revised Green Party proposals for the budget. They appear to amount to £419K additional committments, plus the unspecified loss of revenue from the reduction in parking permit charges, and keeping some public toilets open. There is no mention of additional cuts to allow these changes to be made, so can we assume that other services will remain funded as previously envisaged. If all this was possible in the first place – why the deeper cuts than necessary?

    • Oi!!

      The Blogger is supposed to do the posting and we are supposed to do the comments on it. Not you, sweets. What’s this comment got to do with the actual post?

    • Agreed Servalan is always saying she represents B&H..

      • As one of the 3 MPs for the city Caroline is right to consider herself an advocate and ambassador for Brighton and Hove; so should the other two.

      • She is only one of the MPs that covers the city.

        I am glad The Argus has seen the light and is no longer promoting the city’s attempt to bid for broadband grants as a ‘Lucas Campaign’ – but as the city wide campaign it should have been all along.

        If Lucas put the city first she would have approached the other MPs *before* launching any campaign, not tried to seize it as her own, trying to leave the other MPs in the position of either keeping clear or being painted as ‘joining her campaign’ or ‘supporting Lucas’.

        Fortunately they registered their support for the bid before she made it too difficult for them – Kirby did it with grace, Weatherly like a caveman – but all in favour which is what matters.

        Kitcat has clearly learnt from his master – claiming credit for everything done by anyone over years with “yes others were involved in the past, but the greens put the balls over the line”.

        Contrast the words one of Englands (and the worlds) greatest men – Newton – said “If I have seen further than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of Giants”.

        Green glory hunting has probably put them as low in my estimation as it is possible to get…

  4. To be properly Green, the Administration should be INCREASING the number of public toilets (with attendants) in order to increase pedestrian footfall in our shopping and tourist areas. But I have to say I welcomed (and I think signed up to) the LOLA petition. And did my bit with a Lead Letter on this in The Argus.

    Looking at O/S maps from the late 19th c. one can see there was a public lav on the lawn just before you get to the King Alfred/RNR carpark area. I’m told there is an underground one beneath the thicket of bushes on the island garden by Palmeira Square….these should all be retrieved.

    • To be ‘properly Green’ ?

      Greens are in favour of zero growth and are anti-chain-store – the don’t want increased foot-fall – their anti-traffic policies (deliberately) hit customers and deliveries.

      In addition, their ‘living wage’ is likely to make the role of ‘toilet attendant’ too expensive to finance. Where the major part of the job is just ‘being there’ it would suit all any number of un/low skilled people (or just very poor ones) – pensioners desperate to ensure they have enough for their own funerals, youngsters in poverty etc…

      But under the greens less that ‘living wage’ is bad… unless it is ZERO then its just fine again (I must have been off the day we did that in maths).

  5. “Mike Weatherley saves Hove Library”

    I’m glad you agree.

    • You should be embarrassed and ashamed. Childish prank at best, more seriously it’s a deliberate lie told to the public. Not sure if BPB will let me say this but Weatherley looks like a dickhead.

      • Keep it civilised Steampunk. No need for swearing and name calling. Shows how wound up the Greens and their supporters are getting though…

      • Apologies for swearing, I could have found another form of words.

      • “You should be embarrassed and ashamed.”

        Same could be said for you for your unnecessary name-calling and foul language. Honestly, what would Caroline say?

      • I think she would say he was a di… a disgrace.

    • Rachael, it would more appropriate to say “Lessons have been learned”.

  6. I think BPB is just jealous that Caroline Lucas didn’t get there first with the save the Library idea…..notice how quiet she has been recently???

    Is she trying to distance herself from an amazingly bad Council who make the last Tory and Labour councils look like Councils of the decade.

    My prediction is that you will see Valerie Paynter as the next surprise candidate for the Greens as she is certainley more vocal in support than their MP for Brighton and Hove at the moment

    • Why do I think Grumpy Old Man is MW ‘isself……

    • Perhaps CL is busy being an MP instead of trying to bore a hole for herself within the council Administration. MW sometimes looks like wanting to be both MP for Hove and a co-opted Member of the BHCC Tory Opposition benches as well! Net result: the BHCC Opposition Tories look seriously impotent.

    • Caroline is on Question Time tonight by the way – along with Baroness Warsi, Stephen Twigg, Germaine Greer and Charles Moore. Should be a good one.

      • Usual empty platitudes and economic illiteracy from Lucas on QT.

      • She didn’t get that much time – so only had a chance to look a bit stupid.

        Seems to have forgotten that Greens support Zero Growth — like we have right now… this is how Greens *want* it to be… forever…

      • I thought the response in relation to the Falklands was quite revealing in how difficult it is to balance a range of views. Anti-imperialist, unless it is Argentine imperialism, pro self-determination, unless people want to self determine to be linked to UK. Trying to balance the gung-ho, nationalistic history of Thatcher’s intervention with the need to defend people’s fundamental rights – even if we don’t understand why they want those rights.

  7. Oh and BPB are you going to close down now given the personal atttack on Mike Weatherley by Steampunk….go on show your not biased……………………….

  8. BPB has been very quiet…

    I wonder if he as disillusioned as so many other Green supporters/voters?

    Finally realising that they are just an old fashioned tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend hard left organisation who had a thin veneer of environmental camouflage to hide their real intentions.

    Snap out of the depression BPB – its not too late, they can’t destroy the whole city in one term… we need to preserve as much as possible, ready for the rebuild to start just as soon as they are kicked out!

    Peeps maybe interested, that a general political discussion forum has been started (not by me! I’m just an early adopter) – more of a free for all on subjects covered – do take a look!


    • RIP BPB.

      Unless you are on a big holiday or unwell I guess you have decided to call it a day. Perhaps a finale is in order. I enjoyed (most) of your musings even if they were rather Greencentric



    • I prefer to think that BPB slumbers Sleeping Beauty style under a spell which will only broken when Labour publish their budget proposals.

      Hope it’s not really The End.

      • Since the Green budget local politics has certainly seems to have got nastier. Maybe BPB is in shock somewhere.

        Seems labour want to save the mobile library! Bit of one in the eye for the resident Green library buff…

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