Shocking revelation about newly elected councillor Graham Cox: Separated at Birth

Councillor Graham Cox

Councillor Graham Cox

Brighton Politics Blogger

Brighton Politics Blogger

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  1. but what is less shocking is the posthumous paternity suit against Roy Kinnear…

  2. I spent all week trying to work out/divine from Graham what exactly the shocking revelation was. He never once told me this!

  3. Not sure I entirely understand this but just like Tommy Cockles ‘I am sure it is meant as a complement’.
    However I liked Roy Kinnear in the 3 Musketeers and I gather his real son is now a very successful actor as well.
    If you look at the my facebook Graham Cox for Westbourne page you will see a photo of me next to some graffiti which some unkind Conservative colleagues have suggested is a self portrait.
    Happy Christmas to all your readers.

  4. The Blogger surely has a double if, as Sgt Cox claims, he is a “complement”. Ah, the joys of Christmas pedantry, but one really has to keep these Tories up to the mark. Any misplaced semi-colons and it will be a Community Order for Sgt Cox, or, if the magistrate is in a bad mood, a lecture from Garry Peltzer Dunn.

  5. Chris

    On the subject of bad punctuation, you’ve just missed an apostrophe yourself – it’s “for goodness’ sake”. A quick trip a local library, if you can make the reduced opening times, should clarify.

    A literate Tory.

    • Yes, I realised that as soon as I had sent it in (whoozy cold still keeps me on the sofa). However, a Conservative leaflet did refer to Poet’s Corner, when in fact it contains many. Will Sgt Cox be able to correct the widespread mispronunciation of Cowper Street? The first syllable is as in a dove’s voice rather than anything bovine. Cowper’s Letters are a joy.

      With a third of the Council’s budget being cut, it is certainly no easy task but I should say that libraries here are faring better than elsewhere in the country. More on the subject after discussion of the Libraries Plan.

      People were here on Thursday. Wow, books! was the general comment. Not, “I see you’ve got a laptop.”

  6. Insert ‘to’ (deliberate mistake obviously).

  7. Mr Hawtree and Lembit Look. Separated at birth?

  8. Sorry. Lembit Opik!

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