Kim Jong-il’s successor was once active in Brighton politics!

Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-baps

Shocking news today that Kim Jong-il, the late North Korean’s Father Dictator, shortly before he died, appointed a hitherto unknown son, Kim Jong-baps as his successor. Here is a rare photo of the two of them together.

Not much is known about Kim Jong-baps, but it was rumoured that he was active in Brighton politics in recent times but returned to North Korea having had his advances rebuffed by Tory activist Chok Jong-vere!

One Response

  1. Don’t you mean Kim Il Bas Sam, the man who wanted to create the post of Dear Leader for Life (Actually) until an ungrateful electorate spurned his plans? Apparently he still issues oracular pronouncements about how to spend more and cut tax at the same time while denouncing the Green Gang who have usurped his party’s divine right to rule.

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