Westbourne by-election: in defence of males in their 50’s standing for election

The Lib Dems have selected Gareth Jones as their candidate for the Westbourne by-election and in doing so they have broken the mould. Well, yes, their candidate is male but half the age of My Pal Paul (40’s male), Supercop (50’s male) and Nigel Jenner (50’s male).

It has been suggested that I have something against males in their 50’s standing for election. Nothing could be further from the truth. Some of my best friends are males in their 59’s, and all I was doing was to draw attention to a trend that was developing in the selections for Westbourne.

There are some fine public servants who are male in their 50’s and I believe it is right that young and old alike, male and female, gay and straight, all should be in elected positions locally.

But in a by-election, where there is greater focus on individual candidates, the similarities and differences between candidates is brought into clear focus.

So young Gareth is breaking the mould and, given his relative youth, so too is Paul Perrin (the Adrian Mole of Brighton politics).

Tonight the Greens are selecting their candidate. The Greens are themselves a mature bunch, but no doubt they are young at heart, as is Nigel Jenner and certainly is Supercop.

Gloria Van de Lay draws attention to the incredible ages of the Greens: “Green leader of the council – male, white, over 50 – (if not, apologies Bill, you must have had a hard life); Green Cabinet – 70% male – all white, some must be at least 50 – unless see above re hard life. Some of the women are at least that, but that doesn’t seem to matter – after all, the Blessed Caroline is 51! Green MEP – male, white, over 50.”

I’m sure we will hear in the next hour or so who the Greens have selected. Watch this space.

6 Responses

  1. Most of the Green councillors are in fact over 70 but look younger due to healthy green lifestyle. Alex Phillips is the youngest at 43.

  2. Amongst youngsters, it is generally only the spoilt who can get involved as candidates – and they may be among the last people who you would want involved.

    The plebs already have their noses pushed to the grind-stone to make any kind of living – if anyone has ‘spare time’ or ‘spare cash’ government will soon find a way of stripping it from you – just look at the blanket tax rises the greens support – 20% on fuel bills, maximum increase in council tax… (but all for our own good don’cha know?).

    When your salary is financed with money taken from others under threat of imprisonment its easy to be smug and condescending towards the wealth creators.

    When your salary only comes when you are actively creating wealth, taking time out to get involved in politics is a hugely, personally, expensive activity.

  3. I think a fair few of them are in the 70s, going by their hairstyles.

  4. Lordy – young Gareth looks like a Littlewoods Catalogue model. What with that matching tie and shirt combo. Bless!

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