UKIP first to select candidate for Westbourne by-election

UKIP has become the first of the political parties to select their candidate for the Westbourne by-election on 22nd December. Paul Perrin Is confirmed as UKIP’s candidate.

Nominations have closed for the Greens, with the candidate due to be announced on Thursday evening. Two possible names have been floated but nothing has formally been announced.

In spite of my best endeavours, I have no word on the Labour or Tory candidates, although a couple of names have been mentioned to me in confidence.

I have considered putting myself forward as the candidate for the Christmas Party. My platform would include free mince pies and sunglasses for pensioners. What do you think?

Anyway, congratulations to Paul Perrin and UKIP for getting off the starting blocks so quickly, but then I imagine it is easier if you have just 3 members locally.

7 Responses

  1. BPB – have you forgotten that UKIP contested all three brighton westminster seats in 2010 and nine wards in the recent local elections?

    Once we have a local branch in place we can really move up a gear.

  2. Oh well, that’s it then. Game over for the rest of us.

  3. H Wilson once said a week in politics is a long time. Whilst Greens are clearly in pole position how they play the game can weaken a strong hand…the parking charges issue at this time is tactically unfortunate for them and perhaps strategically erroneous too. Whether it becomes critical I doubt, although I am a Labour supporter and want Labour to win..

    UKIP’s intervention should draw Tory votes disproportionately to others’ losses, a Lib intervention will humiliate them + I think Tories will suffer turnout problems from a combination of national issues and inertia caused by an unwanted byelection.

    Greens have momentum, Labour is NOT clearly the main challenger and is the smallest party on B& H Council. ‘Soft’ Labour votes will surely switch to the perceived strongest anti-Tory?

    If Caroline Penn is Labour candidate that would be impressive and help hold up the vote for the party.
    If Tories choose Mr Nemeth, his track trecord of losing twice to Greens when he might have been expected to win, will weaken them further.

    Notwithstanding,… my gut feeling is that given the situation and the area the Greens should romp home but those of us who follow the Albion know how easy it is to throw it all away at the last minute!

    • I don’t believe that Mr Nemeth has put his name forward as a candidate which is a shame as this city needs somebody with vision and who isn’t afraid to speak out.

  4. Hey Mr Zombie.

    To set the record straight, I have lost three times to the Greens (Regency 2007, Regency by-election 2007 and Withdean 2011).

    Also, the only one that looked like a possible win was Withdean but nobody sensible has suggested that our campaign was bad. It just wasn’t our day. Onwards and upwards.

    I haven’t applied for Westbourne but I will be helping with the selection in an hour from now.


  5. After an exciting selection meeting, I can report that we Conservatives have picked former head of Sussex CID, Graham Cox, as our candidate for the by-election.

    You heard it here first!

    Leaflets and canvassing start early tomorrow morning.

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