Oh dear, Ed. You’re making a mess even of your own feeble Big Idea

Further to my post this morning, Ed Miliband has exacerbated his feeble ‘Big Idea’ by refusing to confirm that the £6,000 student fee would be a manifesto commitment, nor would he confirm that £6,000 would be the maximum that Labour would support. His performance on the Andrew Marr programme will have hardly inspired. Watch it here if you can bear it.

I supported Ed Miliband for the leadership, and still believe that David Miliband would have been a disaster. David is, and always will be, associated with the worst aspects of Blairism. The Tories are keen on him for one or possible two reasons – he is more right wing that Ed, and there are sufficient suspicions about his record in office to allow him to be truly independent. The problem with Ed, he may have a cleaner past, but he is falling over himself to appear safe and to compromise.

On the other hand, Harriet Harman, Ed Balls or Yvette Cooper …?

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  1. I well understand the frustration of the lack of firm policies (it makes doorstep campaigning bloody difficult), but Ed is in a difficult position. Promises made in haste can be a great source of embarrassment later when a leader has to go back on them. I’m not talking Lib Dems and tuition fees here, that was pure cowardice. Think, rather, Cameron going back on his promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, when it became apparent that it was impractical.

    I wish that the party leadership would declare themselves resolutely against the tuition fee hike. The idea of taxing the bankers in order to pay for education of the youth would get a lot of mileage with the public and would fit with his “fighting vested interests” image that he’s trying to forge.

    But there’s still a long way to go before the next election. The Lib Dems wouldn’t dare pull the plug on the coalition, since they know they’d be annihilated. And Cameron couldn’t win an election outright the first time away. A second such embarrassment would be fatal. It’s very early to be writing the manifesto yet.

    And for the record, I voted for Balls 😉

    • “A long way to go before the next election”? 2015 is not far off, Just over three years.

      • That’s a long time in politics. Less than three years before the GE in 2010, Gordon Brown had a 10 point lead over the Conservatives.

        My point was that a lot could change in that time.

  2. The real issue on tuition fees is that it is an evil scheme to move taxation onto a contractual basis.

    Right now the public can vote for parties based on what services they want and what they are willing to pay in taxes.

    One of Gordon Brown’s twisted aim was to strip the public of this simple democratic link (using budgets to ‘pre-announce’ tax increases was a part of this nasty rot – tell them it “doesn’t matter now” then when it does come in say “its too late to complain now”).

    So he supported massive ‘loans’ with repayments, so future generations are bound by the past – and democracy cannot change that — the ConDem’d as part of the political class found this too delicious to turn back.

    Future generations will pay their ‘taxes’ because they have a legally enforcible contract to repay ‘loans’.

    I think most politicians will either not understand this distinction, or will pretend not to. But it is, in practice, a disgusting attack on democracy and an attack on the people by the political class.

  3. Blogger – you’ve followed one post calling for a debate on the right policies for Labour, as against personalities, with another indicating that perhaps you think someone else would do a better job than Ed M…

    I think you were right the first time. What needs to be borne in mind is that the Conservative press have reverted sharply to type after the Blair era, and will character assassinate whoever is Labour leader. Best not to play their game, perhaps?

  4. Ho ho… local story…

    “PCC Rules Love’s Labour’s Lost” http://order-order.com/2011/09/27/pcc-rules-loves-labours-lost/

  5. Meanwhile in Brighton, Lord Bassam will shortly be addressing the Fabians on his favourite hobby horse: how to exterminate the Greens.
    Seems though that every time he does this, the Green vote goes up.

    During the General Election in Hanover he leapt upon one doorstep after a Green had been there and remonstrated with the householder.

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