Mike Weatherley, Simon Kirby and Caroline Lucas united against Dorries amendment

Congratulations to all three Brighton and Hove Members of Parliament, Simon Kirby (Brighton Kemptown), Caroline Lucas (Brighton Pavilion) and Mike Weatherley (Hove), all of whom voted against the anti-abortion amendment tabled by Nadine Dorries which was defeated by 118 to 368 votes.

Other Sussex MP’s to vote against the Dorries amendment included Amber Rudd (Hastings and Rye), Nicholas Soames (Mid Sussex) and Stephen Lloyd (Eastbourne).

Tim Loughton (Shoreham and West Worthing) supported the Dorries amendment.

Norman Baker (Lewes), Peter Bottomley (West Worthing) and Henry Smith (Crawley) did not vote.

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg voted against the Dorries amendment while David Cameron did not vote.

7 Responses

  1. Its just too hard for those Members to vote isn’t it!
    45 Minutes from Lewes to Victoria and less than 20 minutes on the tube…
    I bet ya if the public knew how often Members voted there would be uproar!
    At least my one voted against

    • http://www.publicwhip.org.uk


      Simon Kirby (Brighton Kemptown) 297/331 (90%)
      Mike Weatherley (Hove) 294/331 (89%)
      Norman Baker (Lewes) 277/331 (84%)
      Caroline Lucas (Brighton Pavilion) 250/331 (76%)


      David Lepper (Brighton Pavilion) 83%
      Celia Barlow (Hove) 80%
      Des Turner (Brighton Kemptown) 78%
      Norman Baker (Lewes) 56%

  2. Ms Dorries is pro-choice, I didn’t like the way this subject was treated, talking about a serious issue. I still can’t believe how we tolerate this childish behaviour in parliament. She is totally right about David Cameron and Nick Clegg too.

  3. In should be said that there is no mechanism in Parliament for abstentions, therefore abstentions aren’t counted in votes.

    Also, MPs who belong to the party/parties in Government will be whipped into voting with the Government to ensure that its legislative agenda is adhered to by the House.

    • It is possible to make a positive abstention by voting in both AYE and NO lobbies (you have to be pretty quick!)

      Abstentions, however, are a bit of a cop out as it is difficult to be a strong voice for your constituents you work hard to represent if you are seen to be indecisive.

  4. It was a pantomime – the main issue against the bill seems to be the fact it was proposed by Nadine Dorries (who, I understand, is not universally liked).

    The abortion services are substantial international organisations – to allow them an effective monopoly on providing counselling/advice in addition to providing the actual ‘service’ would not be tolerated in any other area.

    What next – an end of Independent Financial Advisers? Independent Legal Advice? Independent Mortgage Advisers? Independent Schools even.

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