A reminder of the good old days when Tony was still in charge

Blair and Gadhaffi

5 Responses

  1. Now that’s unfair BPB. It never happened – you snapped this at Madame Tussauds.

    Look – the wooden posture, the waxy look, the phoney smile …. oh wait, it is Tony.

  2. If you have a picture of Blair in white robes baptising a Murdoch on the banks of the Jordan… then you have a scoop.

  3. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    Makes tactical sense.

  4. I should make clear I’m no lover of Blair, but I’m going to be a little controversial here and defend him. I would argue that cosying up to proper scumbag, and even doing him some favours, is a small price to pay to have one less nuclear armed country on the fringes of Europe and run by a mad man. Plus, we have no guarantees who will be runnning Libya in the near future, and there is a strong core of islamist radicals from Libya fighting in places like Afghanistan, so those people could potentially have now found themselves in control of those nuclear weapons if Blair hadn’t pursued a policy of accepting Gaddaffi in return for him giving up his Nuclear ambitions.

    Of course, his WMD progaramme may have been no more advanced than Sadam’s, but I guess we will never know…

  5. I always find it amusing that it’s generally the same people damning Blair for engaging with a murderous tyrant who also damn him for joining in with military action to unseat a murderous tyrant.

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