Tory young guns firing bullets of indignation

I am not a small-state, socially liberal and fiscally conservative kind of guy. That may come as a surprise to some of you Eco-Marxist, Commie (credit for those labels to Chuck Vere and Paul Perrin – that would be a marriage made Hell) fanatics who have infiltrated the Green Party. I have a problem. I like Michael Ireland, one of the young breed of Tory candidates who stood and fell last Thursday. But Michael describes himself as a “small-state, socially liberal and fiscally conservative kind of guy.” I imagine it’s just a phase he’s going through.

The young Tories had such high hopes only to see each one fall to the Greens or, in the case of Michael, to Labour’s Brian Fitch, and Kerry Underhill also to Labour. Rachael Bates, George Dore, Mike McFarland (the guy lucky enough to leave his toothbrush next to George’s), Robert Nemeth, and Adam Love were beaten by Green opponents.

Young candidates from other parties fared no better with Labour’s Clare Calder, Tom French and Harris Fitch, the Greens’ Luke Walter and Allie Cannell, and the Lib Dems Rebecca Taylor, Tallulah Frankland and Larissa Rowe all lost. In fact no new young councillors were elected, and there remains just one councillor under the age of 30, the Greens’ Alex Phillps.

The young Conservatives are not a happy bunch. Last night I posted comments from a Tory Party member regarding the young Conservatives. Today I have been bombarded by these said Tories denouncing each other as if one of them is my informant. At no point did I intimate that my correspondent was one of their number. But look at how they turn against each other:

Michael Ireland: “I was shocked to see this post after having just cleaned my teeth this morning. Whilst the anonymous poster might have provided a fascinating observation for the blog, their comments, whilst ostensibly representing our group, are merely their own opinion.”

Robert Nemeth: “I’ve never posted on here before but it has been drawn to my attention that it may well be assumed that I am your cowardly friend. As I am neither cowardly nor your friend, I would very much like to distance myself from public attacks on colleagues. There is no real group of young Conservatives as such but, if there were and it did have a spokesman, that person would not be such a sneak. Hopefully it is nobody that I know. For the record, I am dead impressed by the Greens’ organisational skills. I doubt that they managed to get in such a position by sneaking around on blogs.”

Rob Buckley: “Your informer, whoever they may be, does not speak for the entire younger generation within the local Conservative Party. I know some of his/her assertions to be inaccurate. This highlights the problem with hiding cowardly behind anonymity.”

And finally, Momma Grizzly: “I entirely agree with Rob Buckwell. Whoever your ‘informant’ is should have the guts to come out from behind the veil of anonymity if they are to say such comments. They certainly do not speak for all of the younger Conservatives and I’m not impressed that this person who has chosen to remain anonymous has taken it upon themselves to say that they represent our views.”

Labour activists reacted with similar indignation when one of their numbers passed on views which were then passed on to this Blogger. Anonymity is something that you may have to get used to. But there are some fascinating insights that I won’t share, which is a shame. For example, today I received a great email from a Labour activist from Hove who asked me to keep his/her comments ‘off line’, a request which I will respect.

But do keep the comments coming, email to and indicate whether I can use them. Alternatively, Direct Message me through Twitter @BrightonPolitic, or simply leave a comment on this blog.

18 Responses

  1. Would you care to point out where I used ‘commie’ or ‘eco-marxist’?

    When you find that I haven’t, I will accept your apology.

    I have said that the Green party is marxist – but that is because their polices/manifesto indicate that they are. It is not a ‘label’ or ‘slight’ just an observation.

    If you had your finger on any pulse you would not mention me and Charlotte Vere in the same breath.

    Her disgraceful behaviour during the AV campaign puts here entirely beyond the pale – should she campaign as a PPC in future (anywhere other than a very safe conservative seat) will see her tattered reputation ensure that she gets nowhere.

    • Sadly Charlotte Smear’s performance will be well regarded (she won, by any means necessary), and she will be rewarded with the safe seat you mention.

      • We will have to wait and see – but as long as she isn’t let of the hook, I think she is out. Cameron distanced himself from the official campaign.

        The final outcome suggests that lies were not even needed! The failure of the Yes campaign to even contact most people meant it was already lost to ignorance.

        She did specifically promise to give me the domain… which was reneged on.

        She said it would not be used to mislead, just kept as a holding page (till it was handed over) – but it was abused right up to the end (and still has the final ‘no’ messages on it…. ).

  2. Just to be clear, my comments related to my assessment of what I thought was a very poor, negative campaign in Central Hove by the Tories. They ignored the Lib Dems and Greens, choosing instead to constantly attack Labour (who came last in the ward in 2007).

    I requested anonymity from BPB as I found the tone of the comments on yesterday’s blog to be nothing more than playground name calling and didn’t want to be involved.

    • The recycling box could make an interesting political study.

      Perhaps it’s my imagination but some leaflets appeared to have been hurled therein without prior perusal.

      Especially multiple copies folded into a clump. That one by the Tories with a chart of smiley and grumpy faces took the public to be a bunch of idiots.

      Meanwhile, there is the case of the janitor at Fifteen Grand Avenue who said, several times in one breath, that if he found me on the premises again he would call the police. So what happens should a resident be in touch?

      Elsewhere, such fellows were more than welcoming.

      Looking back, it was an extraordinary few weeks: life projected at five times its usual speed.

  3. I’ve seen it all before…these young things are showing their inexperience…sing link a bird when they are winning and then “it wasn’t me” when they let a few things slip they weren’t meant too.

    seems to me these young Tories aren’t actually that young ( on the photo you posted a while back)and in four years time they will nearly be as old as me .

    Phrase of the day “missed the boat”

  4. Tearing themselves apart from the insides…

  5. As always Chris raises an interesting point. The public bemoan the lack of contact from political parties and feel removed from the process. However it is difficult to engage with people living in blocks such as Grand Avenue. I know as I was less successful at againing entry.

    The Tories were in power for 4 years. Had they achieved anything in the area perhaps they wouldn’t have resorted to attacking Labour and the Greens in such a negative way. The fact that they merged our policies (or alleged policies) showed a massive error of judgement on their part and underestimation of the electorate.

    • The Tories were in a minority administration and therefore had to incorporate policies from the other parties. Just as the Greens will be obliged to do the same as they don’t have a majority.

      I disagree with your premise that the Tories didn’t achieve anything in Central Hove- I lived there.

      A new school at The Connaught,
      Refurbished KA- towers binned
      Hove Library remained open with longer opening hours and more library books
      Sure Start remaining open
      Grass verges cut
      Cleaner- more & larger bins Regular collection

      That’s apart from the savings made.

      Let’s swap notes in 4 years time!

      • That should be 4 years’ time.

        I gather that the Chief Executive has volunteered to double as Apostrophe Officer, and will be fitting a tour of greengrocers into his schedule.

      • Sure start remaining open… Hove library remaining open! Bloody hell I might just leave and join the Conservatives if they can offer such great new deals for the people of this city…

      • “The Tories were in a minority administration and therefore had to incorporate policies from the other parties.” Out of office a week and history is being rewritten. I’m struggling to think of any Labour policies, or Green ones, that the Tory administration adopted, certainly under the three years Mary Mears was in charge. They steamrollered plenty of their own policies through though, having all ten votes in Cabinet.

        “A new school at The Connaught”? (my old infant school). Some additional and temporary places run by an existing school to be correct.

      • Homeless people in door ways in Church Road, loss of blue flag on the beach, no recycling on Hove Lawns, broken lights on the sea front, ignoring of residents requests for 20 miles an hour speed limit, threatened removal of the cycle lane …

        Yes an outstanding record in Central Hove for the Tories.

  6. Call me bonkers if you will, and I don’t care, but I was the only one to pick up a clipboard in Central and notate the split votes. Much across Hove can be deduced from that.

    Whichever party gets it right gains Hove MP. It’s not difficult.

    The fascinating thing about Hove constituenecy is that it can be as easily as lost as gained.

    • Out of a purely academic interest, what was the rough proportion of split votes against party ticket votes?

  7. Ok Warren, Bill has 2 sugars and Jason K-C would like Muffin whilst your there, and the surrogate leader Brian would like a nice cold pint of bubbling lager…”waiter..Waiter!”

  8. Is it true that the Greens will make bigger cuts than the Tories, as their finance spokesman has stated on his blog that the “Green Alternative Budget” will spend less than the Tory budget in order to “put more aside into reserves”?

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