It won’t be a good day for the Greens in Brighton and Hove, it will be a great day

Good morning, and it is likely to be a good morning and day for the Greens in Brighton and Hove. I have spoken with a few people who were at the ‘verification’ of votes last night, all doing remarkable impressions of Zombies from the Night of the Living Dead. A few were not home until the wee small hours and were up again three or four hours later, preparing to return to the count when it recommences at 9am.

What can we expect? The Greens have made a strong showing around Brighton and Hove, and it is not unthinkable that there will be a Green councillor in every ward in Brighton Pavilion, including Patacham and Withdene. The will probably be Green gains in the eastern wards of Hove.

Labour is struggling to hold on to its seats across the City but should retain East Brighton, and make gains in South Portslade and Norh Portslade. Hangleton and Knoll is too close to call by Brian Fitch might just take a seat for Labour.

Hollingdean and Stanmer, and Goldsmid are ver, very, very close, with Labour, Greens and the Tories holding out hope of winning seats. It would not be a complete surprise if it was to e status quo in Goldsmid (one seat each for Labour, Greens and Tories) and a mixed result also in Hollingdean and Stanmer, although a Green clean sweep is now possible thanks to a high turnout of Green-supporting students.

I will blog again tonight with my reflections of the results. Follow the results on Twitter – I think the Council, Brighton and Hove City News, and The Argus will be providing a live from Hove Town Hall. Better still, come down to Hove Town Hall, cheer the winners, applaud the losers and come over and say hello to this humble blogger.

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  1. Thanks BPB for your excellent coverage of the Council elections so far. It’s been fascinating reading for someone like me who doesn’t really have any other source for getting a feel for how allegiances are changing in the City. As a Patcham resident I can confirm I definitely sensed a late surge for the Greens. I doubt this will be quite enough to gain them a seat, but their sensible policy of prioritising their candidates could conceivably see Hugh Woodhouse sneak in, which would probably be at the expense of Geoffrey Theobald as he tends to come bottom out of the 3 Tory candidates. But if they don’t win in Patcham the Greens have laid some excellent foundations for the next Council elections. Same goes for Withdean.

  2. Ooooh I really had better get down to the count. I might find out who BPB is!

  3. East Brighton remains Sugar Puff-friendly. Wins for Gill and Craig too.

    • Don’t know about sugar puffs, but I am wondering how many Weetabix Sue Shanks had for breakfast yesterday. I never imagined a Green topping the poll in Withdean!

  4. Whoever gets elected can they please sack the officials handling the results pages on the web. The council gives detailed fiugures for all the candidates in East Brighton and then says they are all “Not elected.” Something wrong somewhere.

  5. Green sweep in B&A

  6. Labour hattrick in M&B!

  7. They might have the seats but will they do the work? I can already think of one new green councillor who has such thin skin that he well might be under the doctor within 6 months.

    Things are not all bad though, we are already collecting money for the purchase of a the new Brighton and Hove flag which has a red background surmounted by a green hammer & sickle. It will also be interesting to see how the greens deal with the missing 37 million from the East Brighton Trust administered by their soon to be coalition partners Labour.

    Now is the time to sit back and watch the show with falling visitor numbers due to conjestion charging ( did they not tell you about that one on their campaign literature? ) . Fewer businesses due to more red tape ( you now have 18 different boxes to recylcle your waste or you will be fined ) and higher council tax to pay for all the windmills, new 20 mph signs and the denial that cuts need to be made so lets squeeze the people a bit more.

    The electorate fell for the beads and mirrors. Just anothe day in paradise.

  8. there goes the neighbourhood!!!!

    we will be subject to the true greens now they have some sort of power in brighton and Hove.. we will have on street parking permits enforced upon us, even if the whole street request to not be considered (Springfield road/Stanton road) thanks Amy! well I’ll have to give up my support role in the NHS as I depend on car use to access patients at home and I will be denied permit by nature of living in a car free block (mis-sold when purchased!)

    a congestion charge for accessing the city centre…

    a big rise in an already too high council tax to pay for services that I would never use and to no doubt cover the costs of bailing out such as Pride….

    the list goes on and in the long run, it is Brighton as a City (sorry Hove!) THAT WILL LOSE….

    I think its a time to up sticks and get out of this forsaken city…

  9. Re Votesoon,
    Nothing quite like losing gracefully. It seems to me that we might give the voters just a little more credit for a modicum of intelligence than you seem willing to acknowledge. With your generative and respectful outlook, I’m amazed your views didn’t win over the electorate.

  10. I sometimes find a touch of sugar with cheap grapes helps a bit 😉

  11. Well The Green Machine was in full effect as i thought and my predictions were fairly accurate considering my bias towards the tories, I do feel pending doom though, at least Warren has a job getting the teas for the Green group.
    Oh well thats politics and don’t we just love it!… But i just keep thinking that history repeats itself and then Derek Hatton springs into my mind.
    Brighton you voted for it you live with it.

    • I was also thinking of Liverpool after today’s result. Great minds think alike. Also, the average age of the councillors now seems to be about 21.

      Yes, the folks here will have to live with what they voted for, as long as the actual tax payers (as opposed to the non tax paying student block that helped them) don’t get shafted by Green council tax increases and proposed ‘Robin Hood’ taxes.

      Actually, the Tories have done very well all over the country (except scotland & Wales) considering the austerity package they’ve had to introduce.

      • Erm, we have only one councillor under the age of 30 in the whole city.

        I think you’ll find Brian Pidgeon brings up the average age somewhat.

  12. Revenge will be sweeter. I’ll leave the cheap grapes to you.

  13. I think it will a while to let the omplication

  14. Apologies for the part post. The result in disappointing in some areas, particularly PP for me, but congrats to the successful candidates of all parties. I was very pleased for Sue in Withdean despite her colours. Some interesting results and Labour within 1% of the Green Party, so with a solid mandate. Hopefully no formal coalition, but constructive support to reduce the impact of the cuts. Very difficult times ahead, the Green Party will need to reach out to others, this should be forthcoming but not in a naive way which would end up with Labour looking like Clegg to the Green Party’s Cameron.

  15. Congratulations to all those candidates who are now elected and particularly to the Greens for such an achievement. The people of B&H have spoken and we must all, irrespective of Party affiliation, pause and reflect on the result and the implications for our City during a time of financial austerity.

    My regret is that Labour had some brilliant, fresh, energetic and talented candidates in James Asser, Tracey Hill, Rob Macey, Dan Wilson, Liz Telcs, the QP Three and others who would have made a positive contribution to our City but won’t have the opportunity to do so just yet.

    Labour needs to radically rethink candidate selection, internal culture, strategic organisation and targeting amongst other issues. Labour in B&H needs to remember this isn’t 1997 anymore and some people should be thanked for their valuable contributions over the years but it is time for them to let go. It’s time to move on. The campaigning style, culture and organisation which worked well for us over a decade ago do not work now. We did well in some wards improving our share of the vote and we need to build on this and regenerate our Party and reconnect with people further.

    Have a good weekend and a well deserved rest everyone.

  16. Can’t believe that even B+H didn’t vote in favour of AV!

  17. On the subject of AV, worth looking at the percentages of the vote in the city and comparing them with the seats – Green 23 (33%), Tory 18 (29%), Labour 13 (32%). AV is not proportional representation, but many Labour people in Brighton opposed it and may even now be wiping the egg off their faces as they contemplate their support for a system that gave them significantly fewer seats than the Tories with a higher share of the vote. On the other hand, you can see why the Tories are so keen on the current system.

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