To candidates everywhere, thank you for making democracy a reality

And so the last door has been knocked, the last leaflet delivered. There is little more candidates can do but try to get a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow will be a long day: numbers, knocking up, adrenalin-furled anxiety, followed by the count on Friday. The ecstasy of winning; the despair of losing. Hopes and dreams fulfilled and dashed.

I have a simple message for all candidates tonight. Rest well, enjoy tomorrow if you can, and respect your opposite numbers. Work hard getting your vote out, and applaud your opponents for doing likewise. Polling day is when democracy comes to a head, and candidates of all parties (even the Lib Dems) deserve the respect and admiration of those of use who don’t make the sacrifice by becoming candidates. It is not just the winners, but all candidates, who make democracy a reality.

From this humble blogger, to candidates everywhere, thank you. You deserve our praise, thanks and best wishes. It is a fine thing you are doing. Be gracious in defeat, magnanimous in victory, and remember that you all make democracy work.

11 Responses

  1. Well said BPB. Gracious and polite as always.

  2. Well said BPB and thanks for being such a well informed and entertaining companion during this campaign. Tomorrow is going to be very ‘interesting’ for all of us I’m sure.

  3. not a dry in the house!

    • does that mean you’re a ‘wet’ then Geoffrey?

      Thanks BPB, been a fun ride. Looking forward to the afterath, and analysis from you later. And the smell of humble pie being cooked somewhere in the city, just a question of where that will be….

  4. Good luck to all Candidates across the City and in Peacehaven, Telscombe Cliffs and East Saltdean. I look forward to working with whoever wins to make the difference that local people want and our communities better places.

    (I’m at St Andrews Church Hall Polling Station, Moulsecoomb)

  5. Very nicely put BPB! Whatever the result it will indeed be interesting, and I’ll be making some nice maps tomorrow

    Here is a link to maps of the 2007 results BTW:
    Brighton and Hove 2007

  6. Let’s hope there’s enough issues to keep us going for the next four years. In fact ‘issues’ could do with making something of a comeback.

    Interesting chat at the polling station this morning with the Green Party teller. Desparately hoping not to win – but longing to stuff Labour.

  7. Chilax!

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