Not everything is fair in love and war, or in politics

In the last few days I have had to ‘unapprove’ some unpleasant comments on this blog, and I have not approved others. In all about 10 comments do not appear as they are abusive, slanderous and downright unpleasant.

It is one thing having a light-hearted pop at each other (toothbrush, Sugar Puffs, Estate Agents, and Grizzlies) but comments about the bodies of others, wanting to take a hammer to the head of an opposition politician, false accusations of anti-semitism, and so on, has no place in political life or debate, and no place on this blog.

There is less than a week to polling day and emotions will be running high. By all means, make political attacks, challenge each others’ claims for office, tell me how rubbish this blog is, but keep it clean, fair and honourable.

Thanks. – BPB

13 Responses

  1. I wholeheartedly agree, Baps.

  2. This blog is rubbish, but it is decent honourable rubbish, rather than mindless, poisonous confrontation with no reasoned argument. I applaud this rubbish blog, and will contribute more trash later.

    • P.S If I called myself a series of nasty names, without foundation, would that be allowed. You see I have this tremendous sense of self loathing….

  3. There’s no accounting for people who just want to call each other names for the sake of it, but I think our voting system is partly to blame for some of the vitriol that accompanies elections.

    I don’t understand why any party activists persist in supporting FPTP when it is the reason they feel obliged to fill their leaflets with graphs about who can or cannot win in a particular seat.

    It also means people have cause to get upset with each other (even though they may agree on many of the actual political issues) because they blame each other for splitting the (usually left) vote.

    Any preferential voting system – even AV – would liberate election campaigning from all this nonsense and allow parties to concentrate on their actual policies.

    Ah, maybe that explains it…

    • Has any else here (or any other local candidates) actually been involved in the local Yes campaign?

      Just wondering ‘cos I’ve been on the case since last August, and have done some work with them, but don’t think I’ve come across any local political hopefuls — then again Yes has a lot of libdems, but Brighton doesn’t… I was glad (and maybe slightly surprised) that UKIP officially came out in favour of AV.

      Had a great reception for UKIP locally – but AV is a harder sell to ‘traditional’ conservatives… But those who will listen have generally seen the advantages…

  4. Talking of things unfair – the latest leaflet from the Green Party arriving this morning claims that ‘the Greens won the last poll on the City boundaries, Labour lost.’ Of course they are referring to the 2009 Euro elections and include a bar chart to illustrate this. Wrong and deliberately misleading. The Euro elections were not fought on the City boundaries – just counted on that basis. Labour did not ‘lose’, as they finished ahead og Lib Dems and UKIP. Again, I await the usual condemnation from BPB and others – including Green Party candidates who condemn Labour for using the Citywide GE result. Clearly getting a bit worried in PP at least.

    The leaflet also talks about how dreadful Labour will be because they will be cutting services. If they in power, the Green Party will have to make exactly the same level of cuts – unless being the minority leader of Brighton and Hove Council will give you the power to scrap Trident, tax bankers, and close every tax loophole. Is it too much to ask for a little honesty?

  5. Talking of bad behaviour what will the Brighton Green/Labour Coalition mayday protest’s do for their votes tomorrow.

    • Just fuel the Daily Mail reading bias… so it short.. it won’t be a problem. I ..think town is going to be a bit interesting tomorrow though. I did my shopping today

  6. There’s a Labour/Green Mayday protest tomorrow? No-one told me… I’ll be doorknocking.

    • Warren you do the right thing and tread them cobbles you’re hardcore and my mate and i don’t want you getting caught up in anything to do with protesting about the cuts sorry Cost Savings that have been implemented, I think it’s laudable that you as deputy leader have told your group to door knock and not get involved..can I quote you on that? and supply you with evidence of any candidates I take photos of for prosperity purposes of course i don’t have a fetish about publicly elected people whipping up hysteria that leads ultimately to members of the public(they wish to represent) and their children being scared stiff whilst eating a big mac and large fries with a diet coke.

  7. Oh dear, Kevin you are so busted.

    What a psychologically interesting pseudonym…

    • Helen – if you are referring to me, just to confirm that my name is not, nor ever has been Kevin, and the pseudonym is hopefully not a reflection of my psychological state. A family member, Granville Taylor, used to perform as a magician under the name of Faust – I just used that and added the Dr as ‘Faust’ was already taken on some blogs.

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