A campaign more interesting and more important that the local elections

Forget the local elections. There is another campaign that is far more interesting and far more important, mentioned on my post yesterday. Who is the top political Tweeter in Brighton and Hove. And it is not the Sugar Puff scoffing Warren Morgan.

According to updood.com, based on the number of followers, Labour’s Tom French is at number 964 of the top 1,000 Tweeters in Brighton and Hove. His Green opponent in Queens Park, Ben Duncan, is well ahead of him at number 472 with Warren Morgan, nudging ahead for Labour, at number 470. But above them (and I apologise for missing anyone out – I did crawl out of my dark basement for a couple of hours today) is Celia Barlow at number 383, and Green Vicky Wakefield-Jarrett at 353.

The highest ranking Labour politician is Dan Wilson at number 315. Momma Grizzly should be there at about number 250, but she has not set her location as Brighton.

But the leading politician is (and no doubt I will be accused of Green bias) is Caroline Lucas at number 9. But the top Twit in Brighton and Hove is the adorable Peter Andre!

I still don’t appear in the top 1,000, a source of considerable angst and a cause for self-loathing, but I still have all my loyal readers – Christopher, Warren, Grizzly, and now a fourth, Valerie. What more could I ask for? An Easter Egg perhaps.

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  1. Loads of Labour supporters out in Queens Park today, and if I’m not mistaken, I thought I saw Cllr Morgan at the monument that bares my name… No sugar puffs in hand though, although he does look like a big cuddly honey monster…… Queens Park is going red…

    • Red with blood Baron but who’s blood is the question..I saw Warren too he had a t-shirt on with “can’t sleep..or the clowns will eat me!” on it.

  2. over 60 infact, met at pepperpot and split between QP and H +EG…

  3. What is this Sugar puff thing ?

  4. BPB – you can hardly be accused of bias when you are only stating the facts – just treat others facts

  5. BPB – you can hardly be accused of bias when you are only stating the facts – just treat others facts the same way.

  6. Where do you get this info about most followers, Baps?

    I just had a quick Google and couldn’t see it. I found some old link that said I was 367th most followed in the UK but it turns out it’s an old link which is about 100 people out.

  7. It would seem that I had my location set as UK rather than specifically Brighton. All fixed.

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