How Baron Pepperpot has fallen out of love with Labour, and now Valerie has fallen out of love with Donny Osmond

Baron Pepperpot’s hopes for a Labour wipeout in Hollingdean and Stanmer has attracted some response, forcing the Baron to explain himself: “I wouldn’t say there are divisions within Labour, but the party needs renewal if it is to survive locally-lest the Greens wipe it off the map. There you go, honesty about a real threat. The old order must go. Now to curtail speculation, I am not a sitting councillor or a candidate. Just a Labour member.”

Later he came back to say: “I must add that i have nothing against the sitting H&S councillors, I just feel that a heavy defeat in this ward would be a catalyst for change that Labour needs locally.”

The Ghost of Nobby Clarke takes up the story: “The Barons comments are interesting and I think his wish might just come true with 2 of the candidates being ousted, I also agree Labour is looking at national trends a little too much and not allowing for the Brighton Left Wing Trendy voters who like opting for supposed cuddly Greens (wolves and sheep’s clothing spring to mind), they’re also putting a tad too much effort in Queens Park where they will come unstuck once again, no mention of the collapse of the Green vote in the general election in Kemptown yet from Mr Morgan as another pointer to taking QP.”

As for predictions, Sugar Puff Eater, Warren Morgan, writes: “Well, 12 days to go and we will see who is right in Hollingdean & Stanmer, Regency, QP, Hanover & EG, PP, Brunswick and Goldsmid. Those wards will determine how many seats the Greens hold against the Labour challenge and win from the Lib Dems or Labour. I think at best they will have a net loss or gain of one.” A brave prediction, Warren, but one with red-tinted specs. I think it will be a net gain of eight. This is the core of the Green offensive and where most resources are being targeted.

Warren goes on: “Labour will certainly gains seats from the Tories in some or all the following wards: Hangleton, Wish, M&B, North Portslade and South Portslade.”

I have this picture – each morning Warren lines up his Sugar Puffs, grouping them into wards, candidates and likely victors, before gobbling them all up. How he loves his Sugar Puffs!

Marina72 helpfully provides an insight into Labour and the campaign in St Peters and North Laine: “I got a PDF of the Labour poster via email. Not quite the same, but nonetheless I’ve seen several in windows around 7 Dials/Prestonville (more than Greens, to my surprise.)”

And Momma Grizzly is annoyed with me for suggesting narrow campaign in Hollingdean and Stanmer: “The Conservative campaign in H&S is certainly not just focused on Coldean. We’re campaigning hard all over the ward, Baps! Tsk tsk.”. I apologise, Grizzly One, I know you’ve been to the Bates Estate (did you see me wave?) but I don’t think that Belushi’s Below is in the ward!

But on this slow day for electioneering, I bring you some news from two of our esteemed Returning Officers. Brighton and Hove City Council Chief Executive, John Barradell, has been identified as the 17th most influential person in local government. The citation reads: “John Barradell is one of a growing band of chiefs who are using technology to drive the redesign of services. For example, he held a ‘city camp’ at which citizens could design smartphone applications to measure local congestion or air quality, or show how to access services.”

John, however, is 941st most influential Tweeter in Brighton and Hove, according to’s 1,000 top twitter users in Brighton and Hove. He is just one place above Eternal Tattoo, but well ahead of Tom French who is at 964. Sadly this Blogger fails to make the top 1,000, leaving him …. or her …. feeling neglected and unloved.

And on the subject of love …. Valerie Pearce at Brighton and Hove City Council says she is not in love with Donny Osmond …. “any more”. When did this end, and does Donny know? Clearly upset, all Valerie is eating is comfort food: chocolate and sausages. Updates on this developing situation as we receive it!

14 Responses

  1. Regarding the Labour posters in SPNL and Marina 72’s observation that they received a PDF File. I’d be more than happy to hand deliver a fresh poster if they would like to contact me? Thanks for the comment regarding our poster profile. We continue to work hard for the best result.

  2. I have nothing to add to what I said except to support The Ghosts observation. Brighton cannot look at national trends where, by and large, the Greens are not in the picture.

  3. Not quite sure what the Ghost means about the ‘collapse’ of the Green vote in Kemptown at the General Election. The Green vote in Kemptown (and Hove actually) was pretty much the same in 2010 as in 2005, which is unsurprising considering how all the Greens’ local resources were focused on the successful campaign in Pavilion. Or was the Ghost simply advising Warren against using the GE Kemptown results to further his own argument?

    With reference to the Ghost’s claim that Greens are not as ‘cuddly’ as they appear, I don’t think they wish to hide their radical agenda. In these turbulent times, it is better to be a tyger than a lamb (as Blake might say).

    • I think our radical member of Sussex Police Authority polled less votes in the GE then he did in his ward in 2007, takes some doing by any standards.
      And as for Hove actually – well many said a Green would never be elected in Hove and look what young Alex achieved..”nobody does it better”..”makes me feel sad for the rest”

      • I can’t speak for Kemp Town, I’ve not walked round enough of it but I should say that a swathe of Hove would welcome a Green MP. All ages, areas.

  4. Ghost – People vote very differently when there is a chance of getting their preferred candidate elected, hence the need for PR. However, even AV (miserable compromise that it is) would be a vast improvement on FPTP, as although it wouldn’t necessarily lead to more Greens being elected, the Green vote would shoot up in constituencies such as Hove and Kemptown. Greens would no longer lose out to tactical voting in General Elections.

    • You think that many people made the decision to tactical vote last year? for thought my spaceage captain.

  5. Baps, the H&S Conservative team have covered all of the polling districts in H&S within the past three days, just FYI!

  6. Thanks for the link to Updood – looks like I’m at #470, two places above Ben Duncan. Labour ahead of the Greens again…;-)

  7. Has any one seen Celia Barlow on the campaign trail? looks like she has gone missing again. not one for hard work

  8. The absence of “renewal” in the local Labour and Tory parties is, in my opinion, in some part a catalyst to the momentum of the Greens. The former have a talent problem leaving them out of tune with much of the city and a black hole where new ideas and a fresh vision for the city should be. The greens, from the outside at least, seem to have the polar opposite which (through gritted teeth!) is commendable.

    • The local Labour Party needs a period in exile from effective presence on the council. For it’s own good. The Greens may yet provide them with, what I see as, this opportunity. Some of the younger talent will then have an opportunity to get older and wiser.

      The Green Party can attribute much of its rise down to hard work, and some down to the terrain. They will, being the head of the Christmas Coalition (Red,Green and a bit of Silver), after the election, be under much public scrutiny.

      I worry for their talent pool. I think it’s too much too soon for some. Especially given the current task at hand. I’m sure youngsters like Luke Walter will step up to the mark and take on the challenge. I have serious concerns that some of them may not be ready however.

      I do,however, wish them all well.

      Back to Labour, the Green spring will not turn glorious summer, just a mixture of sunshine and showers. Some will be good and popular in real power, others fall by the wayside. But through this Labour can re-group, and be ready with a fresh challenge, fresh faces, and new ideas.

      Roll on 2015-I’m getting bored with this one….

  9. Brian Oxley makes his usual cock-up typo by announcing himself as Brain Oxley on his leaflet,

    Why oh why doesn’t he proof read his leaflets?

    He’s not known for being clever, so the voters looking for Brain Oxley may not realisr it is actually the same Brian Oxley on the ballot paper.

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