A great night out with young Conservative candidates

I must say I had a great time today. I never knew I would enjoy the company of a group of young Conservative candidates SO much. Talk of a 1p Council Tax cut, the removal of ALL cycle lanes, and how estate agents are doing in this testing economic climate. What fun we had. And to top it all off, we had a group photo taken. From left to right, Kerry Underhill (North Portslade), Adam Love (Goldsmid), Robert Nemeth (Withdene), Michael Ireland (Hangleton and Knoll), Momma Grizzly (Rachael Bates, Hollingdean and Stanmer), the Blogger, George Dore (Preston Park), le Toothbrush (Mike Macfarlane, Regency), and the Estate Agent (Rob Buckwell, Goldsmid). And now we are off to Belushi’s Below for their fantastic rock and metal night, Abandoned, to listen to a couple of rythym and beat combos, Slayer and Megadeath.

Young Tories

Young Tories

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  1. Coming next – a gathering of young Lib Dems, featuring an empty sofa.

  2. There are a lot of glum looking Greens going around at the moment

  3. What happened to the Spotty Tory Boy?

  4. New blood in the Tory ranks, can be no bad thing and no sign of Harry Enfield!, if they want what’s best for our two town’s then good luck to them.

    • I want to see far fewer Tories on the council, but I suppose we can live with a handful (for balance) to represent right-wingers in the suburbs. I’m not going to wish them luck this time round, but Robert, Rachel or George would make better replacements in future years for some of the current dinosaurs as they seek retirement.

  5. It’s rather telling that this next generation of Conservatives clearly didn’t want to be associated with the current one – the Tory Manifesto launch picture is rather grey in comparison to the bloggers’ photo:


    Those ‘deep and wide’ divisions are clearly also generational – if the Tories lose the Council in May will these rather tired councillors be yielding their seats to the next generation for the good of the city or will they limber on, devoid of of a mandate, devoid of new ideas and devoid of fresh blood?

    • Don’t knock the more mature councillor. With age comes wisdom and I think a council with a wide age range and views is sometimes healthier.

      Remember, the outlying areas of B&H have a much older (perhaps more Tory?) electorate. We also have many residential & warden assisted homes in Hove.. Not everyone here is a right-on, cool, cycling, Green, Liberal.

    • The 2001 Census noted that 42% of people in Brighton and Hove are aged 20-44 – above the England and Wales average of 35% and the 34.6% average for the South East. 21% are aged 60+. A bit of quick research shows that about 70% of Tory councillors fall into the 60+ category – so the Party is very, very far from being representative of local people. Labour seems to be similar. Greens seem to most closely reflect the population, demographically speaking.

  6. I can’t resist sharing this little Fry and Laurie sketch.

  7. Try taking the photo again on May 6th, and title it ‘Young Tory Councillors’… with a glum looking and solitary Robert Nemeth, rather less pressed for space on the sofa….

  8. Should we rule out a blue / red coalition?

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