The Hollingdean Hurricane brings peace to the world

I’m not well. I’ve been laid low with the most terrible man cold. I am in want of a woman of mature years who can feed me chicken soup and mop my fevered brow.

But wait! Who is that, even at this late hour, knocking on my door, steaming soup in hand? Why, it is Jeane Lepper, the Hollindean Hurricane. I am now at peace and all is well in the world.

6 Responses

  1. Has the Blogger “outed” himself as David or is the man cold so fevered that the Blogger has revealed his deepest desires?

    I am surprised that Jeanne did not offer to put a John Wayne movie into the DVD player to soothe the Blogger’s troubled soul.

  2. I hope you offered her your vote in exchange-me thinks she’s going to need it…

  3. This is one of the most surreal blog posts I’ve ever read.

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