North Portslade: The birth of a new Labour dynasty and further evidence of Tory splits?

My friend, Christopher Hawtree, has asked me to comment on North Portslade. Last time out, it would be reasonable to assume that the Alphabet Factor had had a large influence on the outcome of the elections. The result was split with Bob Carden (from another Labour dynasty) and Trevor Alford (Conservative) being elected. But, in fact Alford was third on the ballot paper and Carden in the bottom half! This time they are the top two on the ballot paper.

Bob Carden topped the poll in 2007 with Trevor Alford second, Tory Theo Brake-Child third and Labour’s Nicole Murphy fourth. North Portslade must be one of Labour’s top targets. Anything but a comfortable win and the election of two Labour councillors would be a disaster for the Party.

Bob Carden’s running mate this time is Penny Gilbey. If Penny was to be elected, and I am confident that she will, it would be the start of yet another Labour dynasty. Her father, George Humphrey, was the former leader of the Labour Group on Brighton Borough Council in the early 1980s.

Standing in this election as an Independent is Theo Child. Could this be the same person as Theo Brake-Child, the former Tory candidate. Is this yet another example of the split in the Tory rank, similar to the split in Hangleton and Knoll where Jo Heard is also standing as an Independent?

The second Tory candidate is Kerry Underhill. Her dad, a butcher, runs a shop on London Road, just outside the Open Market. Is her candidature an indication that the faction led by her dad’s near business neighbour, Mary Mears, has gained control in North Portslade?

“Deep and wide, deep and wide, the split is running deep and wide ….”.

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  1. Very interesting, BPB, and it confirms my sense that the Tories have made a great mess of North Portslade and Hangleton.

    Two Labour in North Portslade; with Hangleton open, and quite possibly one Tory, one Independent, and Brian, who is of course a law unto himself.

    South Portslade could be two Labour again, but could be another case of coastal volatility.

    Meanwhile there is of course the Billy Wilder angle on Hove, and I have today found a large book, not in a library, which could bring a whole new dimension to the campaign.

    As for what I heard in George St., discretion and all that jive.

    • I would just like to add my view, Trevor Alford was elected, but I myself did all the running, and I am now standing as an Independent, for my own Identity, not a tory one, I feel comfortable doing this and I am sure I can dent them all. I only lost by 100 votes last time out.

  2. Well, I’m with Mr Hawtree on this one.

  3. No surprise that any seats the tories will lose will be in the Hove/Portslade area..North/South Portslade,Goldsmid, Hangleton and Celia to nip a seat quite possibly…BPB you seem very quiet reference the “comedy coalition” that has begun in B&H…There will be blood!

  4. Again I have to say both portslades and hangleton will be all labour. without giving away figures I can say labour is miles ahead in hangleton. Watch and see if

    • I think you would do well to unseat Dawn Barnett and Janio, I can see Brian doing well and a return of that untamed wit of his.

      • Hangleton must depend upon Jo Heard having the Electoral Roll. She has to set about the task thoroughly to win. What sort of build-up has she been making?

        Meanwhile, on other hills, it looks as the Green success in Patcham at the General Election is having a further effect.

        Commentators ignore the suburbs at their peril.

    • Need a bit more time to mature politically. Don’t quote certainties, they might come back to haunt you!

  5. Any candidate is entitled to copy they just ring electoral services.

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