Naming names and ‘outing’ people

I’m sitting in Pavilion Gardens reflecting on a comment left on this blog yesterday. Tom Matthews wrote of ‘greenpartymember’: “If you’re going to pretend to be a Green Party member, don’t make your username ‘greenpartymember’”.

This has forced me to think about the number of people who engage with this blog but who hide behind made up names, such as Baron Pepperpot, Steampunk, Hove Lawn, Dr Faust, The Ghost of Nobby Clarke, the Tory Tipster, and Christopher Hawtree.

Others have been masquerading with names such as The Estate Agent, Momma Grizzly, le Toothbrush, Bishop Brian, and The Buddha. Rumour has it that these people are, in reality, Rob Buckwell, Rachael Bates, Mike Macfarlane, Brian Oxley and Bill Randall.

What is it about these people who make comments but not in their own names? I think it is nothing short of a disgrace!

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  1. Is BPB planning an ‘outing’ of his own?

  2. Was anybody else in Pavilion Gardens with an eye for this sort of thing?

    I heard some interesting stuff on George Street in the sunshine which was also available to Hove residents. It is definitely hotting up on the hills to the north west.

    The Blogger’s view of North Portslade could be interesting to hear.

  3. “the names have been changed to protect the innocent” Dragnet!

  4. I’m all cut up 🙂

  5. Why would anyone hide behind the name “Christopher Hawtree”? Anyone who has met him would not imagine he had any other name by which he should be known.

    Ain’t that right Chris??

    • Christina, darling, no other name on here. An Election scarcely allows time for anybody to be himself, let alone take a Pessoa tack, allurring though that is. As I am sure that David Smith agrees as he plys a way through through Rottingdean Coastal.

  6. He was known as the Green Party Candidate for Rottingdean….. but then I knew that was made up weeks ago….

    • I do not know why people inferred I was a candidate in Rottingdean simply because I wrote about the situation there.

      It’s interesting to see what is going on where.

  7. I think the lesson to be learned here is never give away your true identity to Christopher Hawtree. There was Christopher in the Neptune pub with a few people gathered around him, shrieking in his high pitched voice and blurting out the real name of our own Brighton Politics Blogger. I assume he didn’t see me there, but voices, in particular our mutual friend’s, do carry.

    So I guess the game is up BPB!

    • Palpable rubbish.

      Not been in the Neptune for ages, and have only just found that it has re-opened. It’s most notable for appearing at the beginning of Anthony Burgess’s glorious Inside Mr Enderby.

      • Perhaps I was mistaken for Chris Hawtree the other evening in the Neptune….

  8. In the Neptune a couple of years ago was a fellow I took for Mike Weatherley, what with knowing that he likes music, and I was startled when, in public view, “Mike” took off a t shirt and put on a Hawaiin shirt, Fatboy Slim-style, right in the middle of the place.

    I said to somebody, “look, that’s the Tory candidate for MP”, and I was not told that it wasn’t but somebody else, a dead ringer whom I then got to know a bit. Much talk about kidnapping the real Mike and putting this one on the campaign trail in his place.

    I found a Weatherley leaflet and his double showed it around the place, and said “vote for me” with a maniacal look. But even that effort could not help Celia.

    • So because this strange man looked a bit like Mike Weatherley and liked music you thought you’d try and blacken Mike’s good name?

      Methinks you really mustn’t muddle facts and fiction, Chris.

      You WERE in the Neptune and the surname of the person you were loudly outing as the BPB had 5 consonants and the middle ones are ….. twins!

  9. See you in the Neptune presently Chris!

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