Argus falls for April Fools story that is “tiresomely obvious and lacking in imagination”

The Argus, the dear old Argus, runs a story today about the ‘rumours’ that Lord Steve Bassam was to be a shock candidate in May’s local elections. Lord Bassam has denied the claim adding that he is happy as a member of the shadow.

However, he did concede that he had given the move some thought earlier in the year.

And who first broke this story? It was of course this blog in what was described at the time as an April Fool’s joke that was “tiresomely obvious and lacking in imagination”. Such high praise.

I will treasure that comment along with other favourites such as “Your writing is not very original. Your blog is not kept up-to-date. It is pretty dull to the average person. In fact it is just not very good” and “You really are a bit odd and this blog is not really very good; come on do some real blogging for a change”.

4 Responses

  1. Priceless

  2. I think we can all conclude that this episode says far more about the poor old Argus than it does about the quality of your jokes, Bappy.

    ‘Scotching rumours’ stories have for a long time been viewed by serious newspapers as a poor imitation of news designed to fill pages when the paper cannot find any of the genuine stuff, rather than an attempt to inform readers about their area.

    Perhaps you should write something about a councillor eating your hamster to give the Argus tomorrow’s front page?


    • Hi Michael, I can return the compliment: your suggestion is tiresomely obvious and lacking in imagination! I have already run such a story: Caroline Lucas at my hamster … although with Ms Lucas being a vegetarian, my feeble story was in the worst possible taste! BPB

      • Great minds! At which point Bappy, I should point out that I didn’t actually describe you or your blog as “tiresomely obvious and lacking in imagination”.

        Perhaps your Narcissis complex is getting the better of you?

        Sorry to spoil your fun (and mine – for I was thrilled to see my name on your “What they say…” page and very reluctant to set you straight).

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