George Dore stands down in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean

I am grateful to Luke Walter for alerting me to the decision of Georgina ‘George’ Dore to stand down as Conserative candidate in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean. The teacher from Brighton College via Oxford was the subject of some discussion on this blog a week or so ago.

Her candidature was confirmed by the Conservatives on 15th March and videos of her and fellow Conservative, Maria Caulfield, appeared on You Tube. The reason for her standing down is not clear. Speculation includes that the exposure proved too much for her, that she received hostility on the doorstep, and (most likely) the negative publicity she attracted to Brighton College resulted in pressure on her to go.

Mike Macfarlane, “the guy lucky enough to keep his toothbrush next to George’s” remains the Conservative candidate in Regency.

Replacing George is Cath Slater who has lived in Brighton for 13 years. Cath is 36 and has two teenage daughters. She works in school catering. The Tory website reports that “she has worked in a community association for 10 years, has been involved in a youth forum, and helping with domestic violence issues. Cath enjoys helping people with their problems, and hopes to do so working as a councillor.”

This is probably a very opportune turn of events for the Tories. Cath is more likely to go down better in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean that Geore, no matter how humble her origins were. The video of her and Maria were stilted, and probably didn’t show Maria in the best possible light. Maria is a huge asset for the Tories and had she been the Tory candidate in Brighton Pavilion, rather than Chuck Vere, the Tories would have come closer, even winning the election. A Conservative team in M&B with Maria, Cath and Ayas Fallon-Khan, is very likely to do very well in May.

As for George, I don’t think we have heard the last of her. She will probably emerge at a general election in a more traditional Conservative seat and before long she will be seen on the green benches at Westminster. Standing somewhere other than Moulsecoomb and Bevendean will be less embarrassing for the brass at Brighton College.

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  1. So one of the conservatives who *has* had a real job steps down!

    If even she found it too much, do you still think it is a good idea to have all these children (many of whom have only ever drawn on public funds, provided by wealth-generating taxpayers for their sustenance) aiming to run the council?

  2. I had a great time doing a bit of door knocking in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean the other night.

    Those people who have put an outside bet on the Greens getting a seat there might be in for a nice suprise.

  3. A YouGov poll this week of areas holding local elections predicted the Tories will lose 1000 seats on May 5th. If Maria Caulfield’s isn’t one of them I will be very surprised.

  4. If warren morgan is looking for councillors who might lose their seats in may the canvass returns for east brighton suggest he may like to look closer to home! Cath is part of a strong team in moulsecoomb and bevendean. George dore has a bright future and will be a real asset to the tories in preston park.

  5. And another one bites the dust!!! First Mike Mac then George Dore – something is very wrong in Brighton Kemptown when their most talented candidates are jumping ship!

    I take on board your comments about Maria Caulfield but at the risk of sounding ungentlemanly, she is now very much past her best and now looks rather tired and sagging. Thank goodness the Hove Association has the good sense to have so many bright young candidates on the ballot paper!

  6. I am aware of course that the Blogger regards me as some sort of idiot but, undaunted, I say that this Moulescoomb turn to events makes me all the more certain that, along will Allie’s expereience mentioned above, Moulescoomb could prove very interesting for the Greens.

    Study the demography.

    And, although some might sneer that this view is the stuff of a stretch inside Mill View, I remain certain that there is something to be judged from the style of letterbox which greets a leaflet as much as there from the flooring glimpsed upon the other side of it.

    And so this evening, I am more sure than ever that Westbourne could be a swing state. Greens gain Westbourne? Watch that space.

    I could also elaborate upon styles of bell, but, hey, there’s other work to do.

    • Hi Christopher, I most certainly don’t regard you as any sort of idiot. Any comment I may have made was with affection. I don’t agree with you that the Greens can win Rottingdean Coastal. I also think you are over optimistic about the Greens prospects elsewhere. As my mother used to say “We only tease those we like”. As for the Mr Pickwick reference, that tag was suggested by the person who keeps his or her toothbrush next to mine. If I owe you an apology, I give it unreservedly. BPB

  7. thanks you nices post

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