George Dore to appeal to a better class of voter in Preston Park

Excellent news on the George Dore front. The people of Brighton have not lost her services after all. Less than three weeks after being confirmed as the Tory candidate in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean, and after talking so eloquently on a You Tube video with Maria Caulfield about how she wanted to serve the people of M&B, she mysteriously disappeared from the list of candidates.

But fear not. She has not returned to rural Oxfordshire and her chippie dad. No, her toothbrush is still next to that of Mike Macfarlane, until recently the Tory candidate in Queens Park. Mike abandoned the Kemptown Conservative Association and is now the Tory candidate in Regency.

As for George, she has now been unveiled as the Tory candidate in Preston Park. I’m sure it is nothing to do with Preston Park having a much nicer class of constituents. True, the good citizens of Preston Park are statistically more likely than their Moulsecoomb and Bevendean counterparts to send their children to Brighton College, where the good lady is a teacher.

Ironically, Miss Georgina Dore had a better chance of being elected in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean than she does in Preston Park where she is likely to finish seventh behind both Labour and the Greens.

13 Responses

  1. Why change wards now? Totally bizarre.

  2. Why would Ms Dore finish lower in PP than M&B, if she appeals more to the PP middle class voter?

    I think she is just the right candidate for the aspirational younger families living in PP. She just needs to make sure her voters come out on the day. This switch is an interesting development anyway.

  3. Don’t underestimate the very impressive George Dore in Preston Park. She might just surprise a few people. After all some of us still remember excellent former Tory councillors there such as Doreen Radford and Vic Marchant.

  4. Tories seem to be abandoning Kemptown wards as fast as they are selected. Does not bode well for Mr Kirby.

  5. Mr Morgan of course has not a clue what he is talking about!
    The East Brighton Conservative candidates are working hard to unseat him and his cohorts, and are very pleased to have been supported by Simon Kirby our MP for Brighton Kemptown.
    I am also delighted to inform him that the 2 Conservative Associations in our city have never worked closer with each other!
    The Conservative team across the city is now firmly in place, and we are all working hard and up for the final 32 days of campaigning to keep Brighton & Hove Blue.

  6. East Brighton could be as interesting as Westbourne. And Green posters have gone up in Hangleton. I am also hearing Green voices in Wish.

    There has also been a good reaction to Virginia Woolf’s part in the Election.

  7. D is higher up the alphabet that F, and so Failing-Calm has more chance of being re-elected. This isn’t about George but Ayas!

  8. The Conservatives have a strong team right across the City and I have heard that the reaction on the doorstep, especially in East Brighton, has been very positive.

    If candidate selection was all about where in the alphabet a surname appeared I am sure every party would find more candidates with an ‘A’ or ‘B’ name.

  9. I might give some of these Tory comments some credence if, over the course of the last two years, one person on the doorstep had told me they were voting Tory as a result of any policy or decision taken by Mary Mears, Maria Caulfield or any of the Tory administration locally. They haven’t. Not a single person.

    Overwhelmingly the comment on the doorstep time and time again is about “the Tory government, and what a mess they are making of the country.”

  10. East Brighton Conservatives are clearly knocking on different doors to Mr Morgan. And as for the Tories making a mess of the country, he’s obviously been asleep for the past 13 years as well.

  11. Saying “she has now been unveiled as the Tory candidate in Preston Park” implies that she’s the only Tory standing there. Surely there will be three?

    Anyway the paperwork has to be in by noon tomorrow so that’ll put a stop to this game of musical chairs.

  12. What a load of old partisan rubbish. Is it actually possible for people who are members of a political party to actually take an objective view of anything?


    Linda F, Ghost- The Conservatives cannot win Preston Park

    Chris- You do seem to be hearing voices-some of them are a bit deluded

    Warren- Your’e not by some chance a Labour member are you? Oh yes, your a councillor- so your responses are a tad predictable.

  13. thanks you nices post

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