Steve Bassam to stand for City Council in Hanover and Elm Grove

Labour Peer, Lord Steve Bassam is to announce later this morning that he is to stand for election to Brighton and Hove City Council in Hanover and Elm Grove. I understand that candidate Tracy Hill will be standing down to make way for Lord Bassam.

Nominations for the elction close a 12 noon on Monday. There is a rumour that Labour Leader Ed Milliband will accompany Lord Bassam to Brighton Town Hall in a high profile move aimed to signal Labour’s intention to challenge strongly to take control of the City Concil after 4 years of Tory rule.

Bassam used to represent part of the ward when he was councillor for the old Tenantry Ward. It is being suggested that he is deliberately targeting the seat of Green leader, sorry ‘Convenor’, Bill Randall.

I understand from one of my most reliable ‘spies’ that this is meant to have been kept really secret. Labour supporters from around Sussex are expected to gather in Brighton over the weekend for the first of an ‘April Action’ weekends, led by Lord Bassam.

Steve Bassam, who I have known for many years and is clearly one of the most able campaigners in recent generation, is a controversial character. Like Marmite, you either love him or loathe him. I cannot deny that he is a formidable politician who could make a huge difference across Brighton, although less so in Hove. (Update: this was first posted at 7.15am on 1st April).

7 Responses

  1. Thumpingly obvious,,,

    And will be also see Lord Elgood by noon?

  2. Bassam always was an april fool

  3. Oh dear Bappy, please tell me that was a parody on April Fools, making the point that they are mostly tiresomely obvious and lacking in imagination.

    • You got me in one, Michael, “tiresomely obvious and lacking in imagination”. Must add that tribute to the section “What they say about this blog”.

  4. Fools rush in where Andy Durr once tread

  5. Almost right BPB.
    Whats happening is that Ed Miliband is stepping down as Labour leader. And Bassam is taking over from Ed. Ed announced in a members only email that HE is planning to stand in Rottingdean Coastal… or Hanover.

  6. And the Tories are bothering to field candidates in Queens Park… 🙂

    Oh, that one IS true..

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