The Lib Dems manifesto: destroy new businesses, scrap recycling, and wishy-washy liberal policies to collude with anti-social behaviour

A man walked into the Lib Dem bookshop and asked for a copy of the party’s manifesto. The assistant replied: “I’m sorry, we’ve sold out.”. The man replied: “I know that, but could I have a copy of your manifesto?”

Last week the Lib Dems launched its manifesto for Brighton and Hove. At the heart of the manifesto are six main points which they call “Six to Fix”:

  • An end to the City’s postcode lottery system of allocating school places.
  • Keeping Brighton and Hove key buildings in the public sphere.
  • A total revamp of the City’s transport system
  • An increase in the rate of recycling and the items that are included to food and garden waste and other forms of plastic.
  • Establishing an ambitious support system to support new businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Bringing local communities together to fight anti social behavior. 

Given the form of the Lib Dems regarding manifesto pledges, the Lib Dems are likely to:

  • Support the postcode lottery for school places
  • Privatisation
  • Destroy public transport
  • Scrap recycling schemes
  • Undermine new businesses
  • Promote wishy-washy liberal policies regarding anti-social behaviour.

The only question I have is “How can anyone take the Lib Dems seriously after Cleggs sell out.”. The only answer I have is quite simple: nobody in this May’s local elections.  The only regret I have is that Rebecca Taylor @rtaylorhove, is a Lib Dems.  Move over, Rebecca, and join either Labour or the Greens.  Don’t waste your talent in a party that has sold out, is washed up and is going nowhere.

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  1. When the spirit is there, I can do quite a bit of canvassing. So I think it’s been a fair sampling, and I find scant LibDem support but people do say they had voted LibDem “and I won’t make that mistake again”.

    Replicated acoss the country, this could make the national Coalition as delicate an entity as a Ming vase – boom, boom – if, of course, less valuable and less inspiring a symbol of the human spirit.

    I simply cannot see the LibDems having the resources to keep a seat in Brunswick. The Green campaign there appears to me one of the best managed: it has the requisite bonhomie. As does Patcham. I see no LibDem push in Patcham.

    • Oh they have the resources. They seem to be spending a small fortune on glossy leaflets each week, but what a self-indulgent waste of money.

      The last one had Brian Stone personally promising to pick up dog muck, and the highlight of the latest edition is a proposal to put up signs marking the start and end of Brunswick Town. Go figure.

  2. @Christopher: Patcham!! FFS…

    There is probably no Lib Dem push there because they can do the basic maths and realise that it’s hopeless – for anyone except the blues.

    As for the Ming Campbell vase analogy, I’m afraid you are wrong. A heavy defeat will leave the Lib Dems with no alternative but to hang on until the bitter end like Mr Micawber – or Gordon Brown – and hope that something happens to up their dire ratings.

    The only hope to end the coalition – which I would dearly love to see as well – is that the result of the AV referendum is a Yes. That will annoy the Tory right-wing backwoodsmen so much that they may well pull the rug from under it. They are numerous, have powerful supporters in the media and hate the LDs even more than the sainted blogger does.

    Plus of course many one-time Lib Dems who would have voted to unseat Clegg have shredded their party cards in disgust – you can include me in that.

    Steampunk: you knock anti-dogshit campaigns at your peril – they are pretty much what the post-war Liberal revival was built on!

  3. this post is very negative. why don’t you focus on policies instead of this kind of abuse? the public will decide who has the best maifesto, not you.

    there is very clear negative campaigning going on, such as in QP. it does no-one any good in the long run and turnout will be a record low if this kind of stuff persists.

  4. I wonder whether the Police, on the trail of the recent shoot-out in Coleridge Street, have explored the possibility that it could be a practice run for a new turn to LibDem canvassing in Brunswick? Even if the LibDems cannot afford any more sub machine guns, they might resort to kneecapping with hefty bales of Focus. Or accidentally drop some on a Green foot in a bid to win an advantage on the basement steps. Those mean streets are darker than Raymond Chandler could have ever imagined.

  5. It would appear from candidate listings for East Brighton and Queens Park in the latest print edition of the Kemptown Rag (not yet online at their site ) that the Lib Dems are only running two candidates in each of these three member wards, unlike 2003 and 2007 when they ran full slates.

  6. More LibDem desperation emerges over its register to vote forms.

    The Returning Officer should have words about this.

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