The Personal and the Political, how this blog falls miserably short of maintaining standards

Craig Turton quotes Tony Benn in saying that politics should be more about issues than personalities. He writes: “This blog (good though it is and the blogger would be flattered by the number of councillors who do read it) is in danger of becoming a soap opera. Perhaps time for more consideration of the ‘isshhoos’ as Mr Benn would have said.”

Craig, as in most things, is right. But as defenders of the gutter press say that they are just giving readers what they want, so too does this gutter blogger. When I wrote about policy and ‘isshhoos’, I had just two readers. Since embracing the cult of personality, readership has soared to five (Momma Grizzly, Mr Pickwick, an Estate Agent, Captain Morgan, and now Comrade Craig).

But Craig is not immune, himself, from making the odd reference to personality. Having urged me to focus on issues, he then reports on last night’s Council Meeting: The Nasty Party were back in force at the Council meeting with pretty nasty and unnecessary personal barbed attacks on opposition councillors, re-writing of history and misrepresentation from the Dear Leader, Fallon-Khan and Mini-Mears Maria.” Glad you have kept away from personalities, Craig.

(This is a bit personal, even a bit nasty, Craig. I am sure you mean it with affection. For all correspondents, the nature of this blog is left of centre, and any ‘name calling’ is done in a spirit of affection and good humour. Most of those who become the focus of my gentle gaze have assured me that they enjoy the attention and the increased name recognition even, I understand, the Estate Agent. Do get in touch if I am wrong and I will put it right).

Craig asks if I was in the public gallery at the meeting. I couldn’t stay as the meeting clashed with my monthly meeting at the Lodge. (Before anyone says differently, it isn’t a secret society, it is just a society with secrets!).

‘Clive’ agrees with Craig Turton. He writes: “Reading this blog, I feel as if I’m watching Eastenders after not doing so for several years. I’m not sure who the characters are, and I’m not sure whether I’m that interested.” he then goes on to criticise councillors for “petulant grandstanding”, adding “most of it from the administration.” He accuses them of being “bad losers, knowing they were on the way out.”

On the subject of Eastenders, says that he himself could “certainly pass for Phil Mitchell”. This could open up a rich vein of amusement for this blogger, keen to avoid the issues and obsessed by the cult of personality. Now who on earth could be the Peggy Mitchell, the Matriarch of the City Council ….?

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  1. BPB – have you named yourself (your real name that is) in the last few posts? A classic diversionary tactic!

  2. I looked in for twenty minutes at the Council Meeting yesterday. Ayas Faling-Calm was in full rampant mode when answering Public Questions, putting the Tory into denigratory, while Geoffrey Theobald displayed his penchant for not answering the Question when any was put to him.

    But I could not hang around as there was important work to do in Regency.

    I did however find myself sitting next to Tom French who took a Theobald approach when I ventured to ask him about the third candidate in St Peter’s.

    An increased Green majority in Regency, I reckon.

    • With respect I would suggest that not all the Greens have been forthcoming about their own candidacies…. 🙂

  3. How are the feet of the BPB?

    Do they take him/her as far as Withdean and Patcham? Those areas look interesting to me, and I see from the Argus letters that the Saltdean Lido crowd is irritated at the Tories trying to muscle in on their great efforts.

    One of my abiding memories of the General Election campaign is when, in the middle of the winter, I was cycling up the A23 and a fellow with a buggy waved at me, and I wondered who that was… only some yards later did I realise that it was the Green rosette still on me from the morning’s St Peter’s foray. That made me think, come that afternoon: Patcham rocks. And it did.

    I reckon that even the Tories would be glad to see a Green in Patcham and in Withdean.

    • Dearest Chris, I will personally buy you a new bike for the 2015 elections should the Greens win a seat in Patcham…..

  4. Yep BPB, I admit one could take my references to certain opposition councillors as slightly hypocritical when calling on you to look at issues rather than personalities (GOTCHA in Sun-speak) but my references aren’t nasty, just light hearted (unlike recent Tory vitriol). Politics aside, I get on with Ayas very well but also Maria and they’re both big enough to take a ribbing.

    I can’t begin to guess who you’ve got in mind for the Peggy Mitchell role. Don’t the Mitchell family in Eastenders have 2 brothers with a criminal past who embarrass the family matriach? No. still can’t think who you mean.

  5. An increased majority in Regency, Christopher? I assume you mean for the Greens. 😉

    A double dose of Kitcattery may delight the commmentariat of the blogocracy. Not detecting any enthusiasm on the doorstep for any thing Green.

    I have rarely indulge in predictions. But Comrade Asser and I believe in confounding expectations.

  6. Very fishy.

  7. From Fraternal Groups to Trade Unions

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