Who is the 3rd Tory candidate in Queens Park and Labour’s mystery candidate in St Peters and North Laine?

Two candidates have mysteriously disappeared from their Party’s list of candidates. In Queens Park, Mike Macfarlane, “the guy lucky enough to keep his toothbrush next to George’s” has been named as one of the three Tory candidates, but on the Kemptown Conservative website, his name, photograph and biography is missing. Gail Woodcock and Anne Glow are there, but no Mike. But fear not, the lovely lad has crossed the Steine and is now the candidate in Regency Ward where he stood unsuccessfully in 2007.

On March 16th I asked what was happening to Adrian Morris, “a great guy and a real supporter of your community”. Rumpled close to Adrian had been saying that he had stood down. I asked whether this was so. I have hear from Labour’s High Command that he has, indeed, stood down. Efforts to persuade him to stay on fell on deaf ears. The official line is that he had to stand down for personal reasons, but word from sources close to Adrian himself suggest something different.

Even though Adrian has now officially resigned, and the hunt is on for a new candidate, we are still told on Labour’s website that Adrian is “a great guy and a real supporter of your community”. “Oh no he isn’t”, “oh yes he is!”.

Who the Tories find to stand in the lost cause that is Queens Park is a mystery. It might appear that Labour has been left high and dry in St Peters and North Laine, but I was told earlier this evening that a candidate has been found and that an announcement will be made in the next couple of days. If my source is to be believed, the candidate comes from another political family, though not as illustrious as the Fitch, Theobald, or Hamilton dynasties. Her candidature, if confirmed, could cause a stir in St Peters and North Laine and might just cause the Greens some concern in what has become its safest seat in Brighton and Hove.

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  1. So Nancy’s back then!

  2. You noted that MM is no longer a candidate in QP – this is because Mike has moved over to fight Regency – which he has fought before.

    As the Kemp Town Chairman has been called away for a family emergency there will be a short wait before announcing the new QP candidate.
    Watch this space!

  3. Both wrong. Someone new.

  4. A curious move from Queens Park to Regency crossing the Steine from the Kemptown Conservative Association to the Brighton and Hove Association.

    One cannot help notice the growing chasm between the abundance of bright young things on the Brighton and Hove side and the tired and aging same old faces on the Kemptown one – with the exception of the idyllic Miss Dore that is.

  5. The person is a dear friend of mine, they are extremely capable and will make a great candidate and councillor!

    I don’t know when it’s being planned to be announced but you certainly have it right that the Greens will be worried!

    • “the person”… “they”? Are two candidates doing a job-share? Is that permitted?

  6. Claire Calder? Don’t think the Greens will be too worried about her, capable as she may be – have you seen their majorities?

  7. Must be Mrs French then.

    • I would suggest that, if we are referring to significant others, Mrs French needn’t have an ‘s’ in the salutation….

      • Luke might be referring to Tom French’s mother, who is also a member of the local Labour party. I don’t know if she is the candidate, however, I have no idea at all who it might be.

  8. It’s not Claire Calder, is it?

  9. I guess BPB did say the candidate is from a political family, but didn’t say that it’s a traditionally Labour one..

    • Who’s a clever Tom? Former Tory MP Julian Amery was married to the daughter of Harold MacMillan, the original Big Mac. Could his daughter or her daughter be standing in St Peters and North Laine for Labour. The short answer is “no”. The long answer in “Noooooooooooooo”.

  10. What bets on Lynete Gwyn-Jones?

  11. Who cares who Labour is putting up in St Peter’s North Laine at this late stage in the campaign? The Green Party’s sitting councillors and the very large local party team have been campaigning for months and are practically through the third canvas of the ward. Nothing is being taken for granted, but the returns indicate that the majorities for all three Green candidates will be as large as last year’s bi-election win for Lizzie Dean

  12. I understand that the very brilliant Clare Calder will be on Labour’s slate in SPNL.

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